Why sharks are afraid of dolphins.

Among the most dangerous predators, sharks firmly occupy one of the first places. Cunning, fast, ruthless, they suddenly appear, cold-bloodedly attacking the confused victim, and just as quickly disappear. It seems impossible to stop them, frighten them, put them to flight, thwart their insidious intentions. However, there are creatures in the world who know the weak points of an evil predator. These are dolphins. Since ancient times, mankind has been asking the question: why are sharks afraid of dolphins?

Dolphins and sharks share their habitat. Dolphins are kind, cheerful, sociable creatures with an inexplicable sympathy for people. Yet sharks often try to swim away when dolphins approach. Let's try to figure out why.

What sharks and dolphins did not share

Sharks are physically much stronger than dolphins. They most often live and hunt alone, and gather in flocks only during a short mating season. These creatures are endowed with intelligence, formed over millions of years of evolution, which allows them to dominate a large number of marine life.

Dolphins live in flocks. Their lifestyle is very similar to that of a family: these animals do not abandon their old and weakened relatives, they take care of the kids together. When there is a threat of attack on one of them, the whole flock rushes to his defense. It is precisely because of the "claims" of sharks to the individuals lagging behind the flock that, as a rule, "sea battles" arise between them and the dolphins.

What sharks are really afraid of

Dolphins never initiate a fight with sharks. Often they even hunt near the shark. But as soon as it seems to them that she is showing aggression towards cubs or dolphins who have lost their agility due to age, a lightning-fast attack on the predator occurs.

At the same time, it seems that all dolphins adhere to the same tactics of "battle": they try to poke the shark into the gill slits or turn it over, opening the stomach for attack. Such swiftness and painfulness of blows forces the predator to retreat. It often happens that dolphins, furious with the cunning of a shark, kill it.

There is another version as an answer to the question, is it true that sharks are afraid of dolphins. Dolphins are supposed to communicate using telepathy. When the shark is aggressive, they surround it and collectively instill in it a sense of fear. Probably, this can explain the flight of the predator even before the actual attack on it by a flock of dolphins. [nine].