Why doesn't he go to Contact?.

Almost every sixth inhabitant of the Earth is registered in any social network. In Europe, Facebook is popular, in China - QQ, and in our country and in the post-Soviet space - VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. The slightest disruption in the work of a social network leads to panic among its users, who spend hours on end communicating in social networks. But often users themselves are to blame for the loss of access to VKontakte. Why doesn't it go to Contact and how to deal with it?

Of course, the inaccessibility of the social network may well be related to technical work on servers or force majeure. For example, in the summer of 2014, VKontakte was unavailable for 3 hours due to the abnormal heat, which disabled the company's data center in St. Petersburg. But this happens quite rarely, as a result of which one should not associate the inaccessibility of a social network with any force majeure. Perhaps it is you who are having problems with the Internet, computer or account.

Problem with Internet connection

If an error pops up in the browser when trying to open the site http://vk.com, do not rush to panic. Your ISP may have a hardware or channel problem. But if other sites open normally, then this is already a serious reason to think about the solution of this issue. True, if you enter Contact from a work computer, then, it is likely that access to the social network is blocked by the system administrator. You can use "anonymizers" to access blocked sites, for example, the 2ip service available at http://2ip.ru/anonim/. Enter the address of the social network, select the IP of any country and click "Open".

The problem with the computer

But having solved the problem of accessing a social network through a proxy server, you should not stop there. First of all, check your computer for viruses. Disconnect your internet connection and enable full system scan in your antivirus. If your computer does not have anti-virus software installed, then download the one-time anti-virus from Dr. Web - CureIT ( http://www.freedrweb.com/download cureit / ).

Also, be sure to look into the system hosts file and check if there are any extra entries. As a matter of fact, the changes made by the virus to the hosts are the most common reason for the inaccessibility of social networks. The operating principle of this file is quite simple. Before accessing the site, the browser checks the hosts file and, if it does not contain the site's IP address, opens the site directly. Attackers take advantage of this by registering “fake” IPs in hosts. Thus, they "force" the user to open a completely different site on a different server.

This is the main reason why he does not go to Contact. It is very easy to fix the problem with the "host" file. First, you need to open the hosts file in notepad, which is located at C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts. It does not have an extension, so when you open it, set it to Notepad.

In Windows 7, it will be a little more difficult to find this file, since this path is hidden from the user. We go to the C drive, enter the word "hosts" in the search and click ENTER. After the end of the search, open the found file in notepad. You may need to first open Notepad in administrator mode by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator".

If the file contains entries related to Contact, Odnoklassniki, then safely delete them, leaving the last line "localhost".

Save the changes made to hosts, close notepad and restart your computer. After these steps, in most cases, access to the social network is restored.

If you installed on your computer various programs related to a social network (bootloaders, VKontakte clients), then immediately remove them through the "Programs and Features" item in the "Control Panel".

Also check the system for the presence of files such as "vkontakte.exe", "svnhost.exe", "svc.exe". Open the Start menu and enter the names of these files in order. If Windows detects them on your computer, remove them immediately and reboot the system.

Problem with the account

Often users cannot log into a social network due to the fact that they enter the wrong password, use the wrong layout or type a password when Caps Lock on. If, when you try to open a page, a social network tells you that your profile is frozen, do not worry.

Just enter your phone number and confirm the ownership of the account with the received SMS code. Remember that the social network will never ask you to send SMS to restore access to your account. If you manage to get into the profile, then immediately change the password to it so that the attackers no longer have the opportunity to use your profile. Never install programs on your computer - cheaters of likes, voices and other things. Such programs are viruses that use your account for personal purposes. Not figured out the problem? Watch the following video: