Why does gel polish flake off?

According to the assurances of manufacturers, the gel polish, which is in great demand now, should stay on the nails for at least two weeks. However, sometimes defects appear within a day after the manicure. Of course, such a situation can seriously ruin the mood of any girl.

To avoid such troubles, you need to figure out why the gel polish exfoliates without having lived even a couple of days. After knowing the origins of the problem, you can find a way to fix it. And after that, enjoy the perfect manicure for the entire allotted time.

Violation of application technology

Often the coating begins to deform due to improper actions during time of application of the substance. Such oversights are evidence of the dishonesty, inexperience or incompetence of the master. They can be considered a reason for making claims.

So, during the procedure for applying gel polish, the following mistakes can be made:

  • Poor cuticle treatment or incomplete removal of pterygium.
  • Insufficiently thorough degreasing of the nail and adjacent skin.
  • Application of any of the agents too thick, which causes incomplete polymerization of the mixture.
  • Ingestion of gel polish, base or top on the cuticle. Having allowed the substance to be applied to the skin, the master must remove it before placing the nail under a UV or LED lamp.
  • Poor free edge sealing.
  • Incomplete drying of the base or any of the layers.
  • Lack of attention to the application of the finishing coat. If the top has not completely covered the previous layers, there is a very high chance of detachment.
  • Poor quality of materials used.
  • Mixing products from different manufacturers.

However, during the procedure, it is not only the master who can make a mistake. Most often, clients forget about the prohibition to touch the nail after degreasing and accidentally apply particles of secretion or dust to the plate while touching the skin or hair. Another common oversight is smearing the applied gel polish while placing your hands under the lamp.

What should not be done before and after the procedure?

To avoid problems with fresh coatings, avoid spa treatments or oil manicures the day before or on the day of application. And classic nail care is best done a few hours before a visit to a nail designer. In this case, the nail plate will have time to dry well, which will significantly increase its adhesion to the base composition.

The first 2-3 hours after applying the gel polish should not be allowed to contact the coating with moisture. And for the next 10 hours, you should reduce water procedures to a minimum. For example, at this time you should not do cleaning, wash your hair, take a shower. The manicure acquires maximum durability only after 12 hours. After that, he will no longer be afraid of any homework. However, for the sake of health and beauty of hands, it is still better to do everyday "wet" things with gloves.

There is another common reason for the premature death of gel polish manicure. It consists in cutting off the seals located on the tips of the free edges of the nails. This happens if a girl removes suddenly arising defects with a file or tries to shorten the regrown plate. In this case, the integrity of the top is violated, and moisture or air can get between the layers, which can cause delamination of the coating.

You cannot argue with nature

If all of the above reasons for the exfoliation of gel polish can be prevented, then it is useless to fight the individual characteristics of the body. For example, hormonal levels can affect the result of a manicure. Therefore, it is impossible to give a guarantee for the quality of work if the client has diabetes or other diseases of the endocrine system. Due to the instability of the body, it is not recommended to apply the coating during menstruation and a few days before it starts.

The use of certain medications, such as antibiotics and antidepressants, also negatively affects the condition of the nails. After the end of the course of treatment, you must first restore the plates, and only then you can do a manicure. The same rules apply when undergoing postoperative adaptation.

Sometimes you can answer the question of why gel polish peels off just by looking at the girl's hands. Excessive sweating of the skin, which makes the palms and fingers constantly wet, creates an unfavorable environment for coverage. After all, it is very susceptible to external influences in the first hours after application.

Another anatomical feature that leads to the rapid occurrence of defects is the unevenness of the plates, visible even to the naked eye. A similar picture can be observed if natural nails are thin and brittle. In this case, the coating, despite all its elasticity, cannot withstand constant stretching and compression, and cracks quickly appear on it.

As a rule, you can cope with the peeling of gel polish by changing the manufacturer of the products used or the manicurist. If the exclusion of simple and obvious reasons did not give the expected effect, you should consult your doctor. Indeed, often problems with nails are a signal of malfunctions in the body. In this case, only the eradication of the root cause will give a positive and long-term result.