Why do you need spelling?.

In addition to ensuring mutual understanding in written communication of any kind, spelling also ensures its culture. A letter, post, comment with a lot of mistakes causes a negative reaction from readers. Firstly, it is rather difficult to wade through them to the meaning, like through blackberry bushes: all these typical "from the beginning", "not when", "let's do it", "honest" and so on make the eye "stumble", linger on the word, and the reader's brain is to urgently look for the original word in his dictionary, which has been mercilessly misinterpreted.

Secondly, general literacy and spelling in particular is an indicator of the level of the culture of the writer. As a rule, a cultured person, educated and with a broad outlook, reads a lot, and not only blogs. He forms a competent literary speech, even if he does not remember the rules of the Russian language. Albeit unconsciously, but he follows them, guided by the texts he read. A person who makes a lot of spelling mistakes does not accept either professional or entertaining reading, and he has typed his poor vocabulary by ear. Therefore, when you try to reproduce words in writing, you get what you get - illiteracy. He can be a worthy person, he can have wonderful personal qualities, stop whole herds at a gallop and walk around burning huts, but at the same time be uncivilized. A decrease in the level of general culture limits both the topics of communication and argumentation.

Thirdly, ignoring the spelling rules and defending the position “just to understand” demonstrates disrespect for the interlocutor, whoever he may be. Behavior that is not regulated by rules and regulations is always disrespectful behavior. Who will like it if someone who comes to visit blows his nose into the curtain, puts his boots on the table and starts cursing the TV, even if Syabitova is poured into it from morning to infinity? You, the owner, understand that sniffing is indecent, your legs should rest, and the blue screen is only worthy of these short words? So it is with written speech: a person who ignores the rules looks like a boor, even if the essence of his statements is correct, and the point of view appeals to the rest.

And the last one. Literacy in modern communication is about the same as a decent, neat and expensive suit for a person. Spell neglect and connivance transform your image, like spots, wrinkles, holes, blisters on your knees and elbows. And the next time, by writing in a blog or letter “the sun came out, I went, it wouldn’t have been - harosho”, take out the socks from the basket with dirty laundry, find home pajama pants in the closet, borrow a work jacket from an auto mechanic, and overshoes from your grandmother - and go for a walk so dressed up until it rains. I do not like? Uncomfortable, ugly, people shy away? Well, the main thing is that a person is dressed, not naked. Or, nevertheless, spelling is needed...