Which is better: a multicooker or a multicooker-pressure cooker?

Along with the usual multicooker, there is a combined device on sale - a multicooker-pressure cooker. Despite the outward similarity, there are fundamental differences in the operation of these devices. You can decide which is better, a multi-cooker or a multi-cooker-pressure cooker, by comparing their main characteristics.

How it works

Products placed in each of the two appliances are affected differently. If the determining factor in the operation of a conventional multicooker is temperature, then in a pressure cooker, dishes are cooked under the influence of not only temperature, but also pressure. Why it happens?

Both named devices are equipped with special valves. But the structure and purpose of these parts are different in each case. The only multi-cooker valve with relatively wide openings is designed for steam release. It is always open, as a result of which micro-pressure is created inside the device, but no pressure build-up occurs.

The pressure cooker has two valves. Their task is to ensure tightness and safety. The service valve is closed during cooking. This helps to maintain a high steam pressure in the vessel of the device. When there is an excess of pressure, the valve rises and part of the steam is released through the holes. The second, safety valve, locks the lid and releases steam if a malfunction occurs with the service valve.

Cooking speed

Generally speaking, a pressure cooker can cook food faster. But this only applies to pure time, without taking into account the initial phase during which the pressure is built up. In addition, at the end of cooking, some more time is allotted to relieve the pressure, and only after that you can enjoy the result.

Thus, using a pressure cooker is undoubtedly convenient if you need to serve something that takes a long time to cook: jellied meat, a dish of beans, etc. If all you need to do is reheat food or concoct an instant dish, you won't be able to gain time.


In terms of the number of programs, the pressure cooker is inferior to the usual multicooker. In the second, you can cook almost anything. More functional can be called pressure cookers with a convenient “Multipovar” mode, which allows the user to bypass the automation to set the parameters at his own discretion.

At the same time, there are modes that are similar in devices of both types. For example, in a pressure cooker, as in a standard multicooker, you can bake. This process is not accompanied by intense vaporization. If the pressure cooker does not have the "Baking" function, you can set the "Soup" mode for these purposes.

There are also models of pressure cookers in which the "Fry" mode is provided. For a free escape of steam, it is recommended to fry with the lid raised. The operating valve in the pressure cooker must be open when baking and frying.

Ease of use

Those who have never dealt with any of these devices before will find it easier to master a conventional multicooker. It is more difficult to figure out how to operate a pressure cooker, and you can even come across recommendations to have such equipment at home as a second multicooker with its own additional capabilities.

As for the cooking process itself, in a multicooker during the operation of the mode, it is not forbidden to open the lid at any time, try the product for readiness, add ingredients, stir. It is impractical to carry out the same actions when using a pressure cooker - in this case, the property of the device to exert pressure on the cooking dish is reduced to naught, and you will have to wait until the speed is re-gained.

Food quality

Both devices are designed in such a way that after processing food in them, all important substances are preserved. In addition, the pleasant smell and natural color of the ingredients do not disappear. However, food cooked in a pressure cooker is considered to be the healthiest food, since the exposure to temperature in this case lasts less.


Analyzing prices, you can see that it is more profitable to buy an ordinary multicooker. And if we are talking about electricity consumption, it is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of which device will work more economically. In this regard, not only the cooking time matters, but also the power, which differs from model to model.

So, each of the devices, having its own pros and cons, is good in a certain situation. And which of them will get the right to exist in your favorite kitchen, you will have to decide for yourself.