What to give for christening?.

For many invitees, choosing a gift for the baptism of a baby becomes a difficult task, since this is not an ordinary holiday, but a whole event associated with the introduction of a little man into the Christian religion and his introduction to spiritual life according to its rules. When in doubt about what to give for christening, this factor is taken into account, and not just a desire to please with a good toy or a new costume.

Gifts from godparents parents

They are most strict about the gifts of the godparents, since they are the guides and mentors of the baby in his path to the Lord throughout his subsequent life.

If you follow the traditions, the godmother should present a silver spoon to her godson / goddaughter. Many decades ago there was a belief that it would be useful to the child "at the first tooth", when it appears, the parents will start feeding from it. This makes sense: silver has excellent antiseptic properties that have a positive effect on the baby's teeth and body. Caries and other similar problems are unlikely to disturb the child in the future. For this gift, the godmother should purchase a towel, in which the baby is taken after the font, and a baptismal dress - a dress for a girl, a shirt for a boy, plus a cap and a diaper.

The godfather usually gives a personalized icon, that is, an image of the saint whose name the baby received, and a pectoral cross with a chain - this is generally the most basic symbol of coming to religion. The only negative is that both gold and silver chains are torn in the first year of the godson's life, so it would be more expedient to purchase a neat ribbon. In addition to them, he can pay for the ceremony itself or buy some kind of spiritual book, for example, a Prayer Book or a children's Bible. Another option is a reader for little children with fairy tales and verses of a Christian orientation. Such books are sold in every church, you just need to carefully study the shelves with church literature.

Today, many godparents want to make an original gift. For example, a silver spoon can be beautifully decorated:

  • with the image of a church or some saint;
  • commemorative engraving with the baby's name or sincere wish;
  • prayer to the guardian angel.

The baptismal dress is decorated with hand embroidery. Let it be an inscription like "Save and Preserve" or an image of angels. It all depends on the imagination and material capabilities of people.

Of course, no one will forbid godparents to buy an additional toy or fancy children's costume. But it is worth remembering that this is not the main gift on such a significant day for every believer.

Gifts from grandmothers, grandfathers and other relatives

Previously, close people gave a full-length (measured) icon. It was an image of a guardian angel or any other saint, was painted to order for at least a month and was the size of the baby itself - hence its name. It was believed that such a gift would protect and preserve the baby throughout his life.

Today there is also an opportunity to purchase a full-length icon, but it costs decent money. In some families, all close relatives together collect funds that are ready to spend on a gift and order it.

Grandmothers and grandfathers are often very scrupulous about the ceremony of uniting long-awaited grandchildren with God, so there are also many ideas for gifts for christenings for them.

Spiritual books

Not only godparents, but also relatives can give the Bible, the Gospel or a children's Prayer Book. When a child grows up, he will definitely turn to such a book and, perhaps, it will become for him the main guide to the laws of spiritual life.

An expensive but worthwhile gift is a golden Prayer Book, which is placed under a pillow for a baby as a talisman.

Images, icons and other church paraphernalia

Most gifts associated with religious symbols are expensive. One person is unlikely to master the purchase of the same crystal Crucifix with silver or gold inserts, but together with someone else - quite.

Orthodox bracelets made of precious metals look beautiful. They will not be useful to a baby. But one day the baby will become an adult and will gladly put on a bracelet presented by grandparents with the image of the Mother of God or Nicholas the Wonderworker. It will become not only a nominal, but also a generic amulet, which the grandson will pass on to his great-grandchildren, and they will give them to their children.

Less costly gifts of church themes - body fold, reliquary or incense. The first is a folding icon of two or more doors with the image of saints. The second is a container in the form of a cross with the image of a church or saints, where a piece of relics can be kept. Incense is like a bag where incense or prayer is put. All this paraphernalia is worn around the neck along with a cross and protects its owner from misfortunes and evil people. Folding, amulet and reliquary can also be beautifully decorated.

Quite often, a small icon of a saint is presented for christening, which also serves as a talisman and is worn on the chest.


Tableware and toys made of precious metals

From the above, it is quite clear that it is customary to give for christenings, if you follow strict rules. But there will always be those (these may be grandparents) who want to deviate from traditions and present something more everyday. As a rule, these include:

  • a gold pin (from the evil eye) or a pendant;
  • silver rattle or bell;
  • a silverware set or a separate plate, mug, etc.;
  • a gold coin with a zodiac sign - true, this has nothing to do with religion, and the clergy reproach belief in anything other than the Lord;
  • silver egg stand;
  • gold earrings.

The following gift has nothing to do with items made of precious metals, but it will be very pleasant to receive it: a girl can buy a special scarf for going to the temple. It does not fall off, does not twist, does not cause any inconvenience. It looks beautiful and unusual.

Gifts from other guests

As a rule, they do not impose such strict requirements on friends and other invited guests. They can choose both religious-themed gifts and completely ordinary ones - there are no restrictions. What the donor himself will like or what the baby's father and mother will ask for in advance - everything will be acceptable. This list can include:

  • beautiful clothes (preferably for growth);
  • toys and developmental complexes - a sensory rug is perfect (it is better to order a private master, so it becomes possible to create any filling of it);
  • expensive bedding that parents themselves are unlikely to buy;
  • a set of plush toys with a quality blanket in the paws;
  • beautiful diapers with embroidery;
  • an album for photographs from the baptism;
  • furniture - a chair, playpen, cradle;
  • a jewelry box (girls quickly pick up every little thing) or a music box with angels;
  • a personalized robe with embroidery;
  • photo frame clock;
  • a set of dishes;
  • certificate for a children's store.

By the way, the cradle on wheels is an ideal gift for people with a small living space. Up to six months, the child's bed takes up a minimum of space in the apartment and can move if necessary.

Another great presentation idea is a professional family photo session, which is organized either on the day of baptism, or after.

When choosing a gift for the baptism of an infant, it is best to focus on your heart, the wishes of the parents and the semantic significance of the event itself. So the money will not be wasted, and the presented thing will find application.