What to do in case of sunstroke?.

Baked head... This is what they say when a person who has been in the heat for a long time felt bad. This situation is far from safe and is complicated by the sudden onset of symptoms and their rapid development. What to do in case of sunstroke and how to avoid disastrous consequences - it is important for everyone to know about this.

Why does a painful condition occur

Many do not see the difference between heatstroke and solar... Indeed, the mechanisms for the development of these states are quite similar. However, heatstroke is the result of exposure to excessive heat of any kind on the body, while solar heatstroke occurs from overheating of the body under the sun.

Prolonged exposure to scorching rays on an unprotected head is very dangerous. It leads to strong heating of the skin and skull. Then the increased temperature reaches the brain, its nerve tissues and membranes. The brain swells, punctate hemorrhages are not uncommon, serious damage to the central nervous system. The ongoing pathological processes cause a sharp deterioration in health.

Provoking factors

The risk of sunstroke increases if:

  1. too long exposure to the sun;
  2. calm weather;
  3. active physical work;
  4. alcohol intoxication;
  5. being in tight clothing made of waterproof fabric;
  6. diseases of the central nervous system;
  7. being overweight.


What if I got sunstroke? Before acquiring such information, you need to understand by what signs you can determine this condition. And the victim feels something like the following: dizziness with darkening in the eyes, buzzing in the head, fever, the body looks like cotton, unbearable nausea (sometimes vomiting), cold sweat. At the same time, the skin turns red, breathing quickens, the pupils dilate.

Already at this moment it is necessary to act urgently, and not wait for everything to normalize by itself. Delay is fraught with the occurrence of more dangerous symptoms, such as a rise in temperature to a critical one, an increase in heart rate, the appearance of hallucinations and loss of consciousness, convulsions. In severe cases, even death is possible.

Assistance to the victim

It is important to determine the degree of exposure to solar energy. With a light blow, you can do without an ambulance, otherwise medical intervention is required.

What should be done immediately in case of sunstroke? First, it is urgent to prevent further overheating of the body by moving the victim to a place where there is no solar radiation - to the nearest building or just to the shade.

Secondly, it is necessary to provide free access of air to the body. Clothes and shoes are removed, or at least all squeezing parts are loosened: a tie, buttons, a belt on trousers. It is necessary to create air circulation, intensively fanning the victim with any suitable object, such as a newspaper. It's good if you can turn on the fan.

Thirdly, in order for the blood circulation to be good, the person should be laid down, removed clothes, rolled into a roller or pillow, should be placed under the ankles. The limbs can be rubbed with rubbing alcohol.

Fourth, in addition to ventilation to reduce heat, the following are used: applying cold to the neck, armpits, forehead; wrapping with wet clothes, sheets (as it heats up, wetting in cold water is repeated); rubbing the skin with a semi-alcohol solution.

Fifth, sunstroke entails significant fluid loss. Cool drinks will help to replenish its amount: mineral water, refreshing tea with lemon, green tea.

These measures in many cases are sufficient, and the person becomes better. But sometimes the symptoms are so dangerous that artificial respiration and other resuscitation measures may be required. It is also advisable to have ammonia with you or bring a cut of onion or horseradish to the victim's nose. For any complications, a doctor is called, who often prescribes the introduction of potent drugs.

What not to do with sunstroke

Trying to revive a person, you should not resort to such a method as immersion in ice water. A sudden change in temperature can lead to a heart attack.

Drinking plenty of fluids is necessary for the victim, but it should not contain alcohol. The same goes for coffee and energy drinks. In addition to what cannot be done with sunstroke, it must be added: attempts to give water to a person who is unconscious can lead to blockage of breathing. This moment should not be missed when providing assistance.


In order not to feel bad in the heat, you should not be in the sun for a long time, especially without a hat. Clothes should be breathable and made from natural fabrics. Apply sunscreen to your skin. In addition, one should avoid physical overwork, eat light food and drink a lot.