What to do if the computer freezes?

This will cool the motherboard and the components on it. If your system unit does not have them, then immediately purchase and install coolers. Thus, you will save the filling of your system unit from overheating.

Does your PC freeze after loading the operating system? Apparently, the autoload of the operating system is crammed with unnecessary programs. Usually, after installing a utility, it automatically "climbs" into startup, leaving a record there about itself. As a result, a large number of programs that start when the system starts up, lead to its slow operation and the subsequent computer freeze.

To clear the startup of unnecessary programs, press two keys on the keyboard at the same time: Windows and R. In the window that appears, type the word msconfig in English letters and click OK.

Go to the "Startup" tab and uncheck all programs except the antivirus. Then click on the "Apply" buttons