What to do if iPod freezes?

Over several decades, Apple has released many types of the popular iPod music player, improving them from generation to generation. The devices of the Cupertino company have long been associated with the standard of quality among users. But, like any technique, "apple" devices are also susceptible to various kinds of software failures. Freezing of the iPod is a common problem among music lovers, expressed in the short-term inoperability of the iPod. Despite the software improvements, users around the world still experience device malfunction and don't always know what to do if iPod freezes.

To get rid of the software freeze, you need to restart your iPod. True, each model has its own set of hotkeys for reboot. For example, to restart your iPod Touch, you need to connect it to your computer and run iTunes on your PC. Then you should hold down simultaneously two keys "Sleep" and "Home" until the Apple logo appears. iPod Touch will automatically restart and sync with your computer. All that remains is to click the "Restore" button in iTunes.

However, if you don't have iTunes at hand, you can do a "hard reboot" with the deletion of all data by simultaneously holding down the "Home" and "Power" keys.

What if the iPod Classic is frozen? Press the Menu and Select keys on the player at the same time and wait until the company logo appears on the screen. All generations of iPod Nano and iPod Video are reset in the same way. However, it should be borne in mind that the player must be unlocked. For iPod Nano 6, the device hangs up after pressing the POWER VOLUME DOWN buttons at the same time. The latest, seventh generation Nano reboots, just like the iPod Touch, by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power keys.

To reset the iPod Shuffle, slide the power switch to the off position. (green bar is not visible) and after 10 seconds move it to the "On" position. At the same time, for the first two generations of players, Apple recommends waiting 5 seconds, and for the 3rd and 4th generations - 10 seconds.

Software failures in the player can occur for various reasons. Mechanical damage, ingress of moisture into the case, "incorrect firmware", overheating of the device - all this can cause the iPod to "hang". But do not panic and immediately contact the service center. First, try resetting your iPod using the above methods, and then restore or update the firmware via iTunes. If the measures you have taken do not help fix the problem of the player freezing, then contact an authorized service center. [fourteen].