What to do if hair is highly magnetised?

Every girl knows what happens when her hair is highly magnetized. They reach for the comb, emit an unpleasant crackle, knock out of the styling. All this causes severe discomfort, and the electrified hair does not look very beautiful - everything puffs up in different directions. Many beauties are wondering what to do if hair is strongly magnetised? There are many tips on this subject that will help remove electrification from your hair and make it smoother and more manageable.

Anti-magnetic comb

Plastic combs and brushes with synthetic bristles electrify hair the most. It is also undesirable to use metal combs. The best option is a wood comb, and it is also environmentally friendly. In specialized stores that sell tools for craftsmen, you can purchase massage brushes made of antistatic materials (silicone, ebonite).

The right shampoo

Dry hair is most often prone to magnetization. You may need to change your shampoo. It should be moisturizing and designed specifically for fine or dry hair. From time to time, you need to change the brand of shampoo so that the hair does not get used to it and the effect of the product is not lost.

Water temperature

To keep hair smoother and not magnetically too strong, it is important to use warm water when washing your hair. You cannot wash the strands with hot water, as they will quickly become greasy. Do not rinse your hair under cold streams, the curls will become drier from this. Water equal in degrees to body temperature will be the best option.

Anti-static hair masks

Masks, especially homemade ones, made from natural ingredients will be useful for any hair. Of course, it is necessary to select them depending on the structure of the strands. Why does hair magnetise? Because they are dry, thin and light. This means that masks are needed to thicken, weight and smooth the curls.

The most effective recipes for masks against electrifying hair

  • Gelatin mask. A pack of dry gelatin must be diluted in 100 ml of warm water. Add a little balm for dry hair to the mixture and then distribute the mass through slightly damp hair. You can keep it for an hour, two maximum. This mask is performed on clean hair, you do not need to use shampoo to rinse it off.
  • Mask with essential oils. Apply to dirty hair. As a basis, you can take the usual almond, olive, palm or any other oil (except sunflower). In 50 ml of the base product, add 3 drops of sage, rosemary, lavender or lemon essential oil. It's okay if some of them are missing. Mix everything, distribute it through the hair, keep it for several hours. Wash off with shampoo, very thoroughly.
  • Mask with honey. Two tablespoons of honey should be melted in a microwave or water bath. To make the resulting mixture easier to distribute over the curls, you can add a little balm. Apply to washed hair, keep for an hour (no longer worth it, since honey is a strong allergen). The mask also has a brightening effect. For those for whom such an action is undesirable, it is better not to use this recipe.
  • Egg and mayonnaise mask. Add 2 tablespoons of any mayonnaise to two yolks. You can drip some essential oil (lemon or lavender) into the mixture. Apply the mask to dirty strands of hair, hold for an hour or an hour and a half, and then rinse with shampoo.

Regular rinsing of curls with water and lemon juice or vinegar will also help eliminate magnetization. The acid splits the scales of each hair, moisture remains inside, and as a result, the hair becomes smoother, silky, less electrified.

Anti-magnetic hat

Winter hats made of synthetic materials can also magnetize hair. It is recommended to choose hats made from natural wool or cotton fibers. In spring, you can use a silk scarf or a lightweight beret made of cotton threads.

With very frizzy hair, it is better to abandon the hair dryer and other styling devices, as they dry out the hair very much. In an emergency, you can “calm down” the magnetized strands with hairspray or any special spray.