What should I do if my laptop freezes?

If you do not know how to disassemble a laptop, then contact YouTube for help. On video hosting there is a video disassembling your computer model. As for the stand with a fan, their use reduces the overall temperature inside the case by at least 10 degrees. As you know, the lower the operating temperature of the hard drive and the processor, the higher their lifespan.

It should also be understood that running high-performance programs or games on older laptops is pointless. Plus, most games released in 2015 require a 64-bit operating system. They often run on 32-bit systems, but their work is extremely unstable and often leads to the laptop freezing.

After reinstalling Windows, the laptop hangs tight? It's time to look into Device Manager and check for hardware drivers. Simultaneously press the Windows Pause / Break buttons on the keyboard and in the new System window, click the Device Manager link in the left sidebar.

If there is a device in the list without installed drivers, the system will mark it with a yellow exclamation mark. Click on it with the right mouse button and follow the link "Update drivers". In addition, the drivers can be downloaded from the official website of the laptop manufacturer in the "Device Support" section.

In addition to dust and moisture, the enemy of the operating system are viruses that slow down its work. Antiviruses will help you to fight them. It is not entirely necessary to purchase licensed antivirus software, as there are a huge number of free solutions, for example Avira or Avast. Download one of the above antiviruses, update its databases and scan systems for malicious software.

It will be useful to get rid of garbage in the operating system. Garbage refers to the remnants of incorrectly uninstalled programs, cache and temporary files, as well as contaminated registry. You can use both standard defragmentation and special utilities such as CCleaner. [thirty].