What should be in the car?

It is very interesting to find out what and why drivers consider it necessary to keep in the trunk or glove compartment. For some, this is an extra tube of lipstick, sunglasses and a telephone, for others - a cable and a spare tire. And although lipstick is difficult to attribute to the necessary spare parts, such an approach to equipping a car is also possible. But seriously, what should be in the car to avoid unpleasant situations on the road?

You only need to take into the car...

All things that are in the car can be conditionally divided into several groups. The very first is what is required according to the traffic rules, the car must be equipped with these items without fail. The other is the necessary things, without which it is better not to go on the road. And the third group of items is simply necessary.

Mandatory items

According to the latest changes in traffic rules, these include an emergency stop sign, the notorious red triangle, and a fire extinguisher. Yes, you are not mistaken, the first aid kit is no longer the item that must be in the car without fail. Of course, this does not mean that you will certainly throw it out; when you have to travel long distances or plan to travel out of town, you need medicines, but you will have to collect such a first-aid kit yourself.

In any case, you will not be asked for it during the inspection. And it will be possible to return to this question a little later. A passenger car must be equipped with a powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher with a volume of at least 2 liters. So it is better not to put an ordinary aerosol can with the corresponding inscription in the car. This fire extinguisher should be stored in an easily accessible place in the trunk or cabin, for example:

The stop sign is usually used as a folding one.

Very necessary things

The list of what should be in the car and what can be attributed to the necessary items is quite simple. Among them it is necessary to mention:

  • spare tire;
  • balloon;
  • candle wrench;
  • jack;
  • compressor or pump, or better both;
  • towing rope;
  • first aid kit;
  • A minimal set of tools including a screwdriver, pliers, and a few wrenches.

Let's just say that if you do not travel outside the city, then you may not need all the items listed above. In this case, a phone is enough to call a tow truck or roadside assistance. However, if you are going on a long journey, or maybe for a picnic, then all of the above will not be superfluous.

On the other hand, it would seem, why do we need a spare wheel when it is enough to pour a special sealant into the punctured tire, and you can get anywhere. However, this is not the case. Here is a typical situation - when driving outside the city in the spring, when the whole road is broken and strewn with pits and potholes, you flew into such a hole. Rubber in the trash, the disc is cracked, to the nearest tire fitting point at least 100 km. What to do?

In cases where you have a spare tire, this question will not even arise. We take a jack, raise the car, remove the broken wheel with the help of a balloon, put on the spare wheel and continue driving. And if none of this is there, then all that remains is to run around the car with a bubble of sealant. And even if you manage to get to the tire fitting in some way, the troubles will not end there, especially if you have “cool” tires.

It is not possible to find one on the road everywhere, and it is forbidden to put tires with a different tread pattern on one axle. This means that you will have to change all four wheels or at least two. Similar examples can be given for any item from the specified list. By and large, it would be worth significantly expanding, especially for those who go on a long journey, but this is already a matter of personal choice.

As for the first-aid kit, although it is excluded from the list of mandatory things, you must have it. But you will have to complete it on your own. Why? According to current guidelines, the latest version of the automotive first aid kit includes only bandages, tourniquets and adhesive plaster. So if you go on a long journey or go out into the countryside, do not forget to stock up on the necessary medications.

A first aid kit should be useful when trying to provide first aid to victims, as well as in case of sudden illnesses and a sharp deterioration in health. As for the rest of the items from this list of very necessary things, without which you should not leave the city, their purpose is clear and so. Of course, the presence of a screwdriver does not mean that you are going to overhaul the machine. But the simplest tool will help you at least secure the detached panel or battery terminal.

Necessary things

These include a wide variety of items, many of which could have been included in the previous list. However, everything is determined by personal choice. This list of necessary things, by the way, may include lipstick along with sunglasses. But to a greater extent it is worth paying attention to the presence of other items in the car, such as:

  • a shovel or, in extreme cases, a sapper shovel;
  • cigarette lighter wires (there is no need to explain their purpose, especially in winter);
  • a good lantern or lamp of illumination;
  • a hatchet;
  • scraper brush for cleaning the machine from snow and glass from ice;
  • a set of fuses;
  • several spare bulbs;
  • ​​
  • road atlas;
  • a device for charging various gadgets from the car network;
  • cotton gloves;
  • wet wipes;
  • two canisters, one plastic (five liters) for water and a metal one with an emergency supply of gasoline, especially when traveling to distant places;
  • lighter, matches and various ropes, plastic wrap.

This list, of course, should be supplemented with a supply of engine oil, cooling (antifreeze or antifreeze) and antifreeze, but this is by personal choice.

This list is indicative, and far from mandatory. It can be either more or less, some of the things mentioned may not be necessary for you, especially if you do not leave the city. But by equipping the car with the items from this list, you will ensure yourself a smooth movement in almost any conditions. And no matter what happens, you always have something to meet with trouble.

What is in the trunk of the car, the driver determines himself, except for those items that must be mandatory (according to traffic rules). Someone may be in demand for completely unexpected things, while in the opinion of another it will turn out that the most necessary things are missing. However, in most cases, the question of what should be in the trunk of a car depends on the conditions of its operation. So if a car that never leaves the city is equipped in a completely different way than a car for long journeys, there is nothing strange about it.