What should a system administrator know?

The position of a system administrator is provided for in the staff of most large companies. A specialist of the appropriate profile performs functions important for his organization related to ensuring the correct operation of computer networks and other elements of the digital infrastructure. What should a system administrator know to successfully complete the tasks assigned to him?

"Sysadmins" can have different specializations. Among the most common:
  • server management;
  • maintenance of databases;
  • ensuring the operation of the corporate network;
  • maintenance of digital technology and PCs (usually in small companies).

Let us consider in more detail the features of these areas of activity of system administrators.

Server Management

A company may own its own servers because of the fact that it is a provider of relevant services (for example, web hosting), or because of objective business needs (for security or economic reasons)... System administrators of the respective profile are responsible for the health of the infrastructure associated with the functioning of servers of various types. For example, those that are used to host web pages and content or to organize the work of corporate mail.

The system administrator responsible for the area of ​​activity under consideration must, first of all, be well versed in software, in particular in the specifics of the functioning of operating systems that control servers. Now the most common solutions in this area are Linux, FreeBSD, Windows Server. In organizing the work of servers, such solutions as Apache, IIS, mail standards Sendmail, Postfix, etc.

hardware "used in the organization of the corresponding infrastructure. If, for example, the server's hard disk fails or begins to malfunction, then an administrator with the necessary skills will be able to quickly recognize this problem. Although, it should be noted, in many corporations such activities are not included in the job duties of specialists who are engaged in this area of ​​work. "Sysadmins" in this case are responsible only for the software component of the servers.

Database maintenance

The need for database maintenance can arise not only in large organizations, but also in small and medium-sized enterprises. The DBMS records data about the company's employees, transactions, management orders and other information important for business development.

It happens that adjustments in the content of one type of database directly affect the information posted on other resources. The duties of the administrator may also include the use of information backup systems. They are presented in a wide range of solutions: software level Acronis Backup