What is the main thing in a man?.

Times and fashion are changing, but for women, the main sphere has always been and remains the sphere of personal life. How to recognize your ideal companion in the crowd? Should you put up with the shortcomings? And in general, what is the main thing in a man? Let's look for answers!

Love or calculation?

Women's self-interest and the desire to arrange a prosperous life for themselves and future children at the expense of a wealthy man does not at all like the stronger sex, but their genetic validity has long been proven by the most authoritative experts. A lady really just needs to think for the future, because during pregnancy and raising children, she will be completely dependent on a man for a long time. In this regard, it is natural that a woman wants to have guarantees of the reliability and consistency of the satellite.

You can argue as much as you like about whether the desire to marry a rich person is good or bad, but this does not change the essence of the matter: the weaker sex was so nicknamed because the ladies need support and support. And financial stability in this sense is one of the key indicators. Subconsciously, absolutely any woman, regardless of age, social status, external data and other things, will look for a partner who can provide her with favorable living conditions. Therefore, instead of discussions, we suggest simply deciding for yourself once how much a man's wealth is a significant criterion for you personally and what this wealth should be. It is not for nothing that the people say that in a marriage of convenience the main thing is that the calculation is correct. This statement contains more worldly wisdom than cynicism.

So, if for you the income of a potential partner is the main value and becomes a defining criterion, then it is important to simply acknowledge and act accordingly. It is generally accepted that all people, without exception, need strong love, affection and mutual understanding. In fact, you should not average, not everyone puts feelings at the forefront. It is often enough for a wealthy man that his wife just looks after herself and the household, does not make claims and respects him. There are many such mutually beneficial marriages, and they can even be happy, because everyone gets what he wanted: the husband - a strong family, order in the house, the wife - the opportunity to live as she likes, and not deny herself anything. Problems arise only in those cases when someone begins to demand more than agreed in advance. For example, a woman suddenly, out of boredom and idleness, makes scandals about her husband's work on the weekend. But this was always the case, and he did not promise her to change his rhythm of life and adjust the schedule to her. In general, tell yourself honestly whether you are ready to put up with the disadvantages that are in a comfortable marriage of convenience.

There is also a second extreme, in which a woman completely denies the existence of a financial aspect when choosing a partner. There are also pitfalls here. The similarity of interests and life values ​​is what becomes the basis of a strong and happy relationship. So it is important for a woman to clearly understand what her priorities are. For example, a lady wants to build a career, then she is simply not on the way with a man looking for a housewife. Someone fundamentally does not want to have children, someone wants to move to the village and enjoy ecologically clean food, someone cannot imagine life without trips to distant countries, someone is engaged in extreme sports... How many people, so many bizarre combinations of desires, problems, values, etc. In this regard, it is important to know yourself well in order to understand what to look for in a potential partner.

You can search for an ideal all your life, imposed by public opinion, the media, stereotypes, parents - anyone. But still, what is the most important thing in a man? Respect and care, reliability and responsibility, similar desires and vision of a joint future. All of these aspects will become important whether you choose to marry for love or for convenience. They will allow you to build harmonious and prosperous relationships, in which there is at least warmth and mutual understanding, as a maximum - deep feelings, over which years and troubles have no power.