What is the difference between Ergoferon and Anaferon?

Many patients ask a very legitimate question: "What is the difference between Anaferon and Ergoferon?" After all, both drugs are similar in composition and belong to the same drug group. To answer it accurately, each remedy should be considered in detail.


Anaferon is a popular, reliable antiviral drug. Timely medication helps to quickly eliminate the negative manifestations of the flu or cold. Anaferon has two effects:

  • Blocks the multiplication of viruses and inhibits their development in the body, reducing the intensity of the pathological process.
  • Stimulates the immune system by provoking the production of its own protective proteins - interferons. This helps to quickly cope with the source of the disease - a viral agent.

Anaferon is a homeopathic drug that has not only antiviral, but also immunomodulatory effects. The medicine is effective for viral diseases - influenza and parainfluenza, adenovirus infection and others. It can be used to treat encephalitis, herpes, shingles.

Treatment with Anaferon should be started at the first symptoms. The most effective is a special scheme, according to which in the first two hours you need to give the drug every 30 minutes, then switching to a standard three-time intake.


Before saying which is better - Anaferon or Ergoferon, let us consider the main effects of the latter. Ergoferon not only has a high antiviral activity, but also produces an antiallergic effect. The drug activates the immune system, helping it to recognize and eliminate pathogenic agents in a timely manner. The antihistamine effect of Ergoferon allows you to get rid of nasal congestion, relieve swelling of the mucous membrane and reduce the intensity of inflammatory processes in ARVI. A drug is prescribed for colds and acute respiratory viral infections, you can use it for severe bacterial complications of viral infections.

Similar properties

The composition of Anaferon and Ergoferon is very similar. The active component of both drugs is antibodies to interferon gamma, specially purified. Once in the bloodstream, antibodies stimulate the synthesis of these particular protective proteins.

There have been many clinical trials that have proven the high efficacy of Anaferon and Ergoferon. Both drugs fight viruses by stimulating the immune system when it decreases.

How do the drugs differ?

Ergoferon is a fairly new agent that has recently appeared on the pharmaceutical market. What is more effective - Anaferon or Ergoferon? Despite similar functions, the drugs differ in their action. The composition of Ergoferon includes antibodies to histamine - this component has a pronounced antiallergic effect, which consists in the following:

  • The spasmodic smooth fibers of the bronchi relax, their tone is smoothed.
  • Reduces the increased permeability of small vessels - capillaries located in the nasal mucosa. It helps to relieve nasal congestion, reduces swelling of the mucous membranes.
  • The duration of rhinorrhea (the appearance of mucous discharge from the nasal passages) is shortened.
  • The intensity of pathological symptoms - sneezing and coughing decreases.

The difference between Ergoferon and Anaferon lies in the fact that Ergoferon contains a unique immunotropic component - affinity purified antibodies to CD-4 cells. Once in the body, antibodies activate the cells responsible for specific protection against viruses.

The effectiveness of Ergoferon is higher than that of Anaferon. In addition to the pronounced antiviral activity, the drug is able to solve the following problems:

  • Ergoferon has an enhanced antiviral effect. It not only activates nonspecific immunity by stimulating the production of gamma interferons, but also increases specific protection, forcing CD cells to act. They help the body recognize the virus faster and eliminate it more effectively.
  • Anaferon affects viruses only on the first day of illness, Ergoferon is good for late treatment. In addition, taking the drug helps to avoid bacterial complications of influenza (bronchitis, pneumonia, meningitis).
  • In people prone to allergies, against the background of acute respiratory viral infections, an exacerbation of the process may occur. Ergoferon has antiallergic effect, preventing the development of bronchospasm and airway edema.

Anaferon can be used in children from one month of age, Ergoferon is allowed from three months. Both drugs are safe antiviral agents that have undergone a number of clinical trials, where they have been proven to be highly effective.