What is dreaming about marriage?

Many girls dream of marriage, imagine their future spouse, family life. Every woman wants to know when and what the long-awaited wedding will be like. Sometimes a clue can be found in dreams. To do this, you need to remember what dreams about marriage and how to distinguish such a dream from others.

What dreams for the wedding

There is no universal dream that guarantees marriage. All people are different, everyone has their own life experience, knowledge, preferences, desires and dreams. However, it is possible to single out plots, heroes, objects that appear more often than others in dreams foreshadowing a wedding.

The atmosphere of sleep - any, from frightening and unpleasant to sweet and pacifying. The plot is usually associated with restriction of freedom, dependence, patronage, protection, serious changes in life. Many girls in wedding dreams are haunted by the number "2", objects and characters appear in pairs. For example, a couple of animals, plants, jewelry, shoes. It is important that things are clean, new, pleasant.

It is possible to consider a dream as prophetic only if the day before the girl did not specifically dream about her future husband, did not read dream books, did not leaf through catalogs of wedding accessories.

Surprisingly, dreams about marriage itself have nothing to do with an imminent wedding. On the contrary, they talk about the disorder in their personal life. Often they symbolize the girl's frivolity, loneliness, impossibility or serious obstacles to marriage, deception, frustration, ill health.


Most often, the messengers of imminent marriage are large animals, primarily the wolf and bear. If a girl is not afraid of wild animals, then she will not be afraid of a wedding either.

One wolf in a dream means a quick meeting with a future husband, a pack - a long-awaited wedding. Sometimes, instead of a wolf, you can see a dog, usually a red one.

A bear, especially a white one, promises love and a marriage proposal, but this will take time and patience. If the girl runs away from the bear, a wedding will soon follow. The beast is aggressive, attacks - marriage can be unhappy, forced.

The symbols of the wedding are considered to be a pig with piglets, a cow, a bull or a calf, a white horse, a goat, a snake.

A fish can be a good sign. She symbolizes pregnancy, replenishment of the family. For an unmarried girl, a new family member may not be a child, but a husband.

Sometimes the wedding is promised by pigeons that sit on their hands.

Trees and flowers

Many plants in a dream are the harbingers of an imminent wedding. It is difficult to name exactly what dreams of marriage are, but the most common ones can be identified.

A popular wedding symbol is a blooming garden, a green park. The appearance of the shoe is a figurative portrait of the future husband. If it doesn't fit, then the marriage will be difficult.

Rare dreams

A quick wedding should be expected if a lush fragrant dough was dreamed in a dream. The girl can look at him, knead, try.

The purchase of a carpet, the purchase and fitting of men's trousers, the appearance of a beard in a girl also portends marriage.

Despite the fact that seeing a wedding in a dream is a bad omen, the accessories associated with this celebration, actions, traditions, on the contrary, promise a marriage proposal and marriage. For example, for marriage, you dream of preparing for the wedding, trying on a veil, combing your hair and building a festive hairstyle. Some girls catch the bridal bouquet, others weave lace, sew ribbons on the dress, any, except black, others tie a belt, but not gold.

To see the birth of a child, to hold a baby in your arms means to meet your future husband.

Sometimes an island appears in a dream, surrounded by clear water, a stormy stream or a river. Crossing such water obstacles on a bridge together is a sure sign of a wedding. Finding yourself in the arms of your beloved man, driving with him in the car, walking along the road, opening the door are also symbols of marriage.

Separation, parting with a loved one in a dream foreshadow marriage in reality.

Dreams in which a girl is tied, chained, locked in a room, arrested and unable to free herself can be distinguished into a separate group. What feelings the representative of the fair sex experiences at the same time, such will be her marriage.