What if the computer does not see the USB flash drive?

In recent years, the cost of USB drives has dropped several times. This is due to the reduction in the cost of technologies for manufacturing microcircuits, which made it possible to both increase the volume of flash drives and reduce the cost of their production. Currently, flash drives of up to 256 gigabytes from various manufacturers are on sale. But no matter how high-quality a USB drive is, sooner or later problems arise when using it. Most often, computers do not recognize flash drives or report problems with the contents of the drive. What if the computer does not see the USB flash drive?

The first step is to determine the performance of the flash drive. Inspect the USB flash drive for mechanical damage: it is quite possible that moisture has got into the case. It is unsafe to use damaged USB drives, as the resulting short circuit can lead to the loss of the computer's performance. Does your TV or DVD player have a USB port for connecting storage devices? Insert the USB stick and make sure it works correctly.

If the body of the flash drive is intact, then insert the drive into another USB port on the computer. Try not to use the ports on the front of the system case. Do you use a USB hub to connect devices and flash drives? Disconnect it from your computer and insert the drive into the vacated USB port. In addition, it is not recommended to use extension cables for connecting drives. Some of the "energy" is lost in the cable, which can prevent computers from seeing drives and connected devices.

What if the computer does not see the contents of the flash drive, but recognizes it when connected? Most likely, in this case "evil viruses" have tried, which are of several types. For example, the Autorun virus hides files on a USB flash drive, replacing them with links. When the user opens the drive, the computer does not recognize the contents of the files. Other viruses, such as Email-Worm, completely delete the contents of the drive and block access to it.

Antivirus software, which in fact must be installed on every computer, will help to get rid of viruses. Right click on the drive in My Computer and click Scan / Verify With.

If the drive was infected with "Avtoran", then after scanning and disinfecting the flash drive, remove it from the computer. Then go to Control Panel and select "Folder Options".

Open the “View” tab in a new window “Folder options”, scroll to the end and mark the “Show hidden folders, files...” item with the trigger

Insert the USB flash drive into the computer and open its contents. On the drive, you will find hidden folders and files that need to change the attribute. Select the contents of the flash drive and right-click. Select Properties from the context menu.

In the Properties window, uncheck the Hidden and Read Only attributes. Click the "Apply" button, wait for the operation to complete and click "OK".

And remember that in our world nothing lasts forever. Your flash drive can become unusable at any time.