What hair color suits brown-eyed girls?

The desire to change is one of the defining signs of femininity. Hair color is the easiest to change. But here it is easy to make a mistake, following the lead of fashion or simply choosing the wrong shade. To avoid this, stylists are attacked with questions about what hair color suits brown-eyed girls or blue-eyed, dark-skinned, white-faced, black-browed... And it is often difficult to answer, because here you need to take into account not one factor, but several.

Warm or cold?

In general, it must be said that a woman's natural hair color is most suitable. So, if there is a need for painting, natural shades close to their own are the best choice. But if significant changes are required, you should first determine the color type. And it is influenced not only by the color of the eyes, but also by the skin tone, and the real hair color, and the contrast of appearance. Brown-eyed girls can have both cold and warm colors. This can be determined, for example, by examining the inner side of the wrist: blue wreaths mean coldness, greenish ones - warmth.


Owners of very dark eyes often refer to the winter color type - cold and bright. They will go with dark colors with a bluish tint, dark chocolate, turning into black, dark chestnut, but without a redhead.


Walnut-brown eyes, slightly greenish, are often found in girls who belong to the summer color type. As a rule, their hair is naturally light brown, and it is better to paint in the same shades - ashy, cold dark blonde, without yellowness. Highlighting is also appropriate - but not very light, grayish tint.


Blond goes to brown-eyed rather rarely, except for the spring color type. If the iris is light brown with golden dots, and the skin is peach, it is quite possible to dye your hair in golden tones - warm and delicate. If you look at photos of brown-eyed blonde celebrities, you will notice that yellowish, amber shades look the most advantageous on them.


Warm brown eyes, reddish-brown hair - this is an autumn girl. This color type is suitable for copper, honey-gold, bronze hair, not too dark, always with a reddish tint. Henna will give a wonderful color. Not bad, although somewhat old-fashioned, reddish shades will look.

Color mix

Combine several colors on the hair according to the latest trends, too, should be careful. But for brown-eyed girls who find dark tones boring, this is a real find. After all, for example, the ombre coloring that is fashionable today will not only revive the hairstyle, but also give it naturalness. Reddish and light brown hair will become brighter and more voluminous with coloring. Locks of honey or caramel shade in a general chestnut tone will add expressiveness to brown eyes. But all these colors should not stand out from the general warm or cold gamut, therefore, it is better to entrust such manipulations with staining to an experienced master. Perhaps only the bluish-black hair, which suits many dark-eyed girls, will not benefit from such overflows of color. But in order to wear a platinum blond, you need to have a special type of appearance and, perhaps, courage - now this color is considered extravagant and in general very few people suit, especially brown-eyed, whose appearance is often warm.

In principle, these are more general rules. It is much easier to understand which hair color is suitable for brown-eyed girls by trying it on - in the form of a wig or in digital form. Now in the free access there are a lot of programs with which you can see yourself in a new image and decide whether to paint in one color or another.