What does the elephant symbolize?

Any figurine of an elephant symbolizes happiness, health and well-being. They are often recommended to be placed in the corners of rooms, where over time negative energy accumulates in the house, from which the talisman helps to get rid of. But in other places - in the owner's study, in the living room where all family members gather - the figure of a good-natured giant will become not only an ornament, but also a symbol of success and prosperity.

A pair of sculptures located near the front door and facing the incoming people will protect the owners of the house from ill-wishers.

What is the color of an elephant that brings happiness?

Today, elephant figurines are made from glass, precious woods, porcelain, ceramics, natural stone, and even from non-ferrous and precious metals. Tiny sculptures like katabori (netsuke depicting animals) and large sculptures can transform any interior, adding exclusivity and creativity to it. Laconic in form or decorated with Indian armor, the figurines delight the eye with a rich color palette. White and black, gray and red, green and pink, brown and yellow elephants, female elephants and elephants instill in us confidence that everything in life will be fine. Seven white sculptures will provide protection for your family. One bright red elephant with a raised trunk will bring energy and inspiration. And green - will nourish you with hope... The main thing is to believe that the talisman is not accidentally in the house, and then it will certainly give you good luck and prosperity.