What does running give?

It is unlikely that some of us have not heard about the benefits of running and have not observed how amateur athletes and professional athletes persistently conquer the tracks. At the same time, the weather factor or the current season is not taken into account at all. But what does running give, and why, for the sake of hard training, people are able to put aside all other activities and interests? There are the most compelling reasons for this!

Health promotion

The advantage of running is that the whole body is involved in vigorous activity. The runner's leg muscles, arms, and abs are excellently trained. Bone tissue is strengthened, which makes it less susceptible to fractures. At the same time, the work of internal organs is also noticeably improving.

Regular jogging is beneficial for the airway. The lung capacity increases, which is very important for good breathing. The heart becomes stronger and stronger, as a result of which the blood flow acquires greater dynamics, carrying oxygen and necessary nutrients to organs and tissues.

Increased immunity is another plus that jogging gives. In nature, in different temperature conditions, there is a good hardening of the body. Therefore, colds and seasonal infectious diseases bypass athletes. Figuratively speaking, during training, a person "runs away from diseases."


Sometimes, in front of life's difficulties, one simply gives up. In this case, running is a must. Constant training is excellent for developing willpower. When it becomes difficult to reach a given place, you need not stop, but repeat to yourself: “I can!”.

After overcoming the distance, a feeling of one's own strength, both physical and spiritual, inevitably arises. This will be projected onto the situations occurring in life, it will become easier to overcome difficulties. In addition, a strong person, as a rule, does not suffer from low self-esteem.

Systematic jogging is also helpful for self-organization. Sport charges you with such vigor and ease that you don't want to miss these classes. This means that time has to be used more rationally. The idea that you have to do a lot before training is great mobilizing.

Stress Relief

Running has been proven to be an excellent antidepressant. The feeling of freedom that a running person experiences is capable of blocking all negative thoughts and nervous tension.

Experts explain this by the fact that prolonged exercise leads to the production of endorphins. With a high concentration of such hormones in the blood, the mood improves markedly, and the feeling of joy increases with every meter.

The appearance of clarity of mind

If some insoluble problem is spinning in my head, this is again a reason to go for a run. It is noted that in a movement a wise decision can come by itself. This effect is associated with abundant oxygen saturation of the blood and stimulation of metabolic processes.

All this has a very positive effect on the nervous system, the brain begins to work more actively, thoughts become clear, clear. Mental performance improves not only during sports, but also after them.

Keeping in shape

Continuous running is an aerobic exercise. Unlike strength training, which helps build muscle, aerobic exercise is the best way to get rid of hidden subcutaneous fat. Excess calories while running are effectively burned.

At the same time, it is important to observe the regularity of the exercises, and while running, try not to deviate from the chosen rhythm and intensity. By combining such workouts with proper nutrition, you can achieve a beautiful figure over time.

Prolonging youthfulness

As a rule, experienced runners, even at a very mature age, have a sparkle in their eyes and look fresh and cheerful. The reason for this is the activation of growth hormones that occurs during running. Degenerative changes in tissues and joints are suspended, aging processes are inhibited.

Athletes retain their youthful appearance for a long time due to the fact that running can improve the condition of the skin. During movement, it is actively enriched with nutrients. In addition, through sweat, the skin gets rid of harmful substances that clog the pores, and becomes clear, radiant.

Communication with nature

What gives jogging in the morning is the feeling of a cheerful start to the day, especially if classes are held in the fresh air. The very atmosphere of the awakening of nature energizes. And this charge is enough for the whole day.

In the evening, the tranquility of nature also has a beneficial effect: it relieves tension, suppresses excessive appetite, and the following sleep becomes stronger after training.

In addition, while jogging, you can observe the seasonal changes occurring in nature. Snow-covered trees and the first buds, blossoming summer flowers and wonderful autumn leaves - all this appears to the gaze of the athlete and gives a feeling of joy.

Saving money

Running is good because you can start training at any time. There is no need to worry about buying special equipment or spending money on a subscription to a sports facility. If you want to keep cheerfulness and health for a long time, you just need to leave the house and start running!