What do you need for a solarium?

In winter, when the sun does not reach most of the body, we especially need vitamin D. And the bronze tan, which has already washed off after the summer vacation, so I want to update so that the reflection in the mirror will delight you every day. There is only one way out during working hours - artificial sun in a beauty salon. How not to spoil the skin with ultraviolet light and what is needed for a solarium if a girl goes there for the first time? It really isn't that hard to be attractive.

Who should not go to the solarium?

First of all, a woman should know that going for a “quick tan” can have bad consequences for:

  • cancer patients even in remission;
  • with thyroid problems;
  • women with skin inflammation or any defects;
  • those who were diagnosed with mastopathy or diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • pregnant women;
  • taking contraceptives or antibiotics.

The owners of the first skin phototype, that is, fair-skinned ladies, and women with a large number of moles and birthmarks should be treated with caution when visiting a solarium.

In which solarium and how much to sunbathe?

Regardless of the native skin color, the minimum dose of artificial ultraviolet radiation should be taken first, as burns can occur. If tanning is needed for a while, then 10-12 "sunny" sessions will be enough with intervals between them for 2-3 days. If it is necessary to look like a "chocolate" all year round, a woman will have to regularly come to the procedure once every 5-7 days in order to maintain the required shade.

With regard to the shape of the solarium, for beginners, the ideal option would be a horizontal one - its power is weaker. After acquiring a light brown tone, you can switch to vertical - there the tan lays down more evenly. Turbo is distinguished by the highest power indicators - in it, the result is achieved faster.

Do not use a professional tanning bed. Yes, they can control the main functional features from the remote control (ventilation, face lamps, etc.), and the tan turns out to be an even brown color with a slight olive tint. But at the same time, the skin will be subjected to a super powerful effect, because such models are equipped with a large number of bulbs.

How to prepare for the solarium?

Before coming to the salon, make-up is washed off and a shower is taken. Do not leave any cosmetic or perfume products on the skin - they contain photo-damaging components. It is advisable to wash the body with a mild moisturizing milk or gel cream, since even the most gentle soaps and scrubs strongly dehydrate the skin.

Protective creams for the face and separately for the body are taken with them to the solarium.

It is worth noting how the treatment of the booth is carried out after the previous visitor. It is usually sprayed with disinfectants and wiped after each sunbather. In vertical solariums, some employees sin by treating only the floor, and the walls remain smeared with cream and sweat from the previous person. Do not hesitate to ask for hygiene requirements, because this concerns personal health.