What do you need for a hookah?

A skillfully prepared hookah can no doubt be a delight and a way to relax. True, this can be achieved only if you fill the device correctly, adhering to all the rules. When refueling a hookah, there are many small nuances that are sometimes simply not taken into account. Such little things can easily turn a quality smoking ceremony into an absolutely unpleasant process. That is why it is necessary to know what is needed for a hookah and how to fill it correctly.

A little about the hookah...

It is generally believed that the hookah was "born" in Egypt, but this opinion is erroneous. Initially, the device appeared in India, then it began to be used in Turkey, and only then traders brought it to the Arabs. Hookahs were made from a variety of materials - crystal, gold, silver. But there were also those that were made from the most common and simple raw materials. But the form that we see today has not changed for several hundred years.

In the Middle Eastern countries, the entire smoking process is considered a special ceremony, like tea drinking in China. The most important thing in this business is no rush, the atmosphere should be calm and relaxing. The use of light alcoholic beverages is allowed. You won't be able to enjoy the ceremony while in a crowded establishment where loud rhythmic music sounds.

The device and types of hookahs

A real hookah has several components: a vessel for liquid - a flask, a shaft with a valve, a flexible hose and a removable mouthpiece, as well as a tray for coals and a bowl for tobacco. The sizes of this device are different - from the smallest to the largest (even the entire human height). The choice directly depends on what goals are pursued when using it:

  • For decorative purposes, either a tall hookah (up to one and a half meters in height) with a pair of pipes and beautiful decorations, or a small one (up to 30 centimeters in height). But it is worth noting that smoking such hookahs is extremely inconvenient, and not particularly possible, especially if the device is for two pipes. To fully experience the taste and aroma of tobacco, it is necessary that the appliance has only one flexible hose.
  • Hookah for smoking alone has dimensions from 30 to 40 centimeters in height. The main advantage of such a device is that it is mobile and can be taken everywhere with you. Another option is to buy a real good hookah, the height of which will be from 50 cm. But when buying, the main thing is to carefully check its airtight properties.
  • Hookah for smoking by the company. Its height should be from 70 to 120 centimeters, and the liquid bowl should be of medium size. Such a hookah will create a pleasant atmosphere and no less pleasant smoking. It is undesirable to transport it in order to avoid breaking the bowl.

How to fill a hookah?

The most important procedure in the preparation of a hookah is its assembly. After all, if you assemble the device incorrectly or break the tightness, then the pleasure of the ceremony will be reduced to zero. In addition, you should know what to buy for the hookah. The number of purchases, in addition to the device itself, must include hookah tobacco, coal (it is better to take wood), foil and toothpicks.

How to choose the right hookah tobacco?

To choose a quality product, you need to know some subtleties:

  • Hookah tobacco should be wet - its consistency is wet, reminiscent of jam.
  • This tobacco is very aromatic and has a sweet taste.
  • A quality product has a uniform composition. It should not contain large pieces or branches.

Basic rules and actions to be followed when assembling a hookah:

  1. The flask of the device should be filled with liquid approximately 2/3 of its volume. Most often, ordinary water is used for these purposes, but milk, juice or wine can be poured in to improve the taste. After filling the bowl, the iron pipe that filters the smoke must be immersed in the liquid about 2 centimeters.
  2. The leak test is done quite simply by closing the tobacco container with your hand and inhaling air through the pipe as if you were smoking. During inhalation, air must not leak.
  3. Filling the bowl with tobacco. Often, the tobacco that is sold in stores is very wet; to achieve the desired effect, it should be squeezed out with a napkin: just put it on the surface and squeeze some of the tar out of it. After that, you need to look at it for large pieces or branches that need to be removed. The remaining tobacco must be soft to achieve the perfect flavor. The bowl must be filled almost to the top (only a couple of millimeters should be left to its upper edges). Thus, the tobacco will not stick to the foil, which means it will not burn. Now you need to stir it in the bowl for better air permeability.
  4. Pull the foil, previously rolled in 2-3 layers, tightly on the bowl with a glossy down, pierce small holes in it.
  5. Light the coal and wait until it is fully heated. Woody is considered the best for hookahs. You can light it on the stove or with a lighter. Place it on foil. Important! If you put a few small coals on the foil, the hookah will light up better.
  6. If there is a special bowl that covers the coal, you should use it. After that, it is permissible to take a few puffs. When the flask with liquid is filled with smoke, you can safely start smoking.

Some useful tips for making hookah

  • The flask should always be filled with water. You can also add lemon juice to it, it will act as an absorbent that neutralizes the harmful substances of smoke. It is recommended to mix water with milk in a 1: 1 ratio, this softens the taste of tobacco and makes the aroma more pleasant. Mix water with wine in a ratio of 3: 1, then the hookah will become even more aromatic and will be an ideal relaxing agent. Some people add grape juice instead of wine to enhance the aroma.
  • For the intoxicating effect of a hookah, you can use cognac by mixing it with water in a 6: 1 ratio, or absinthe in a 8: 1 ratio.
  • To stir the tobacco, use special tongs, which must be sold with the hookah. If there are none, it is better to buy them.
  • If the hookah is used at home, it will be easier to ignite the charcoal tablets, since wood requires a good fire.
  • The best place to smoke is where no one will interfere. Only in complete solitude can you relax well.
  • Light, unobtrusive music is perfect for the ceremony.
  • You need to smoke hookah on a full stomach, 1-1.5 hours after eating.
  • At the end of the procedure, the hookah must be rinsed and cleaned. Otherwise, subsequent smoking will no longer be so pleasant due to the previously remaining aftertaste.

Hookah care

It is necessary to wash and clean the device after each use or if a repulsive taste develops during smoking.

  1. Since flushing the flask is difficult due to its shape, there are several convenient and effective options for how to do this. The first way to wash is with rice or buckwheat. A little of this or that cereal should be poured into the flask, which will act as an abrasive and perfectly clean the inside of the vessel. The second way is with vodka / water and salt. For 100 grams of salt, you need 150 milliliters of water or vodka. It is necessary to pour such a solution into a flask, stir directly in it and leave for an hour. After that, you need to thoroughly rinse the container with running water.
  2. The filter tube, which is placed in the flask, is washed with a special cleaning rod under cold water. You cannot use any detergents, otherwise an off-taste may be found in the future.
  3. The hose is also flushed under the pressure of water. But this element of the hookah is consumable, so if it is too dirty, then it is better to replace it.
  4. It is recommended to soak the tobacco bowl in warm water for about 30 minutes. This allows you to remove the accumulated carbon deposits from the inside of it.
  5. When it comes to coal tongs, it is better to buy metal tongs. Then the formation of carbon deposits on their surface will simply be excluded.
  6. After washing, the hookah should be well dried, avoiding condensation inside the parts.