What do titmice eat?

They can be stocked up from the fall, taking out the purchased fruits from the pulp and drying them. However, titmouses will not give up the seeds of such vegetables from the garden as zucchini and pumpkin.

  • Grain and cereals. Birds will not mind eating millet, buckwheat, barley. Such food should be served dry, since the viscous porridge quickly freezes in winter.
  • Berries and fruits. With them, useful vitamins enter the body of tits. Birds will certainly rejoice in the fruits of mountain ash and hawthorn dried in autumn and sprinkled in the titmouse. Healthy and nutritious for birds and apples. It is not necessary to grind them strongly - the birds themselves will pinch off pieces of the desired size.
  • Nuts. An expensive delicacy, the tits will undoubtedly like it. They will peck both walnuts and other types of nuts. Such a hearty and high-calorie food will help the birds survive the harsh times.
  • Salo. Almost everyone knows that tits love this product. Hanging unsalted slices are never overlooked by the birds. But not everyone knows why tits eat lard. And the fact is that such food is an excellent substitute for their natural food - insects. If you decide to pamper the birds in this way, you can make the pieces of bacon larger. Tits will thrust sharp claws into them and, hanging so, will feast on their favorite food for their pleasure.
  • Meat. Birds also love him very much, although for some it will even be a revelation. In fact, titmouses willingly peck meat itself, in any form, and products made from it. For example, you can be generous and treat feathered sausage pieces.
  • In winter, the titmouse needs human support. And for this concern, the yellow-breasted fidgets will certainly repay with good!