What do they eat with whiskey?

Serving a meal with whiskey is not just about combining some delicious dish with your favorite type of intoxicating drink. The main thing is to create a combination in which a completely new character and indescribable taste will be felt. However, in the variety of flavors of the alcohol itself, you can catch shades of mackerel and apple pie, bacon and crème brлеlée, smoked herring and hot buns with raisins... It remains from everything that is eaten with whiskey, to choose an addition suitable for a particular bottle of noble alcohol.

A little about traditions

If you follow the once established customs, whiskey should be consumed at all without any kind of snack. According to professionals, this is the only way to truly enjoy a vigorous, Celtic-inspired drink. However, according to the existing rules, it is not forbidden to dilute the strongest whiskey with mineral water, soda or plain water. This contributes to the disappearance of the taste of alcohol in alcohol and a more complete disclosure of all the nuances of the bouquet.

At the same time, the meticulous Scots and Irish themselves eat whiskey with might and main with great pleasure and perfectly master the art of choosing certain dishes to the alcohol they drink. What then can we say about the Russian mentality, which involves the accompaniment of alcohol with a wide variety of dishes! And nevertheless, one condition must be observed - the food should set off, and not drown out the luxurious taste and aroma of the "invigorating potion".

Taste preferences in different countries

When thinking about a snack for whiskey, you can pay attention to dishes that are in priority as an addition to a strong drink among representatives of other nations:

  1. Americans believe that desserts - fruit and chocolate - are best combined with whiskey. Chocolate bars are also used. They also like to dilute whiskey in a very original way - Coca-Cola.
  2. The Japanese and French prefer to enjoy a combination of whiskey and sushi.
  3. The Irish eat whiskey with oyster meat, baked or fried game, and red fish. It is not typical for them to dilute the drink, since Irish whiskey is the mildest.
  4. Germans and Italians are meat eaters. In Germany, it is customary to drink alcohol with sausages, in Italy - with traditional lasagna.

An appetizer for different types of whiskey

The maximum pleasure from a meal with drinking whiskey can be obtained if the choice of food is based on the type of drink. For example, grilled chicken is an excellent snack for alcohol with a fruity flavor. Nuts, as well as meat with mushroom sauce, are suitable for oily whiskey.

Amber whiskey and melon slices are not only the perfect flavor combination, but also a beautiful combination of colors. And if you plan to put alcohol with the aroma of herbs on the table, you should remember about seafood and a variety of dishes with their addition. In addition, tasters assure that creamy ice cream or desserts based on it can be a pleasant addition to any kind of whiskey.

However, even with perfect knowledge of what is eaten with whiskey, one should not go too deeply into thinking about the complexity of the bouquet of the drink. It is sometimes helpful to address your taste preferences. After all, perhaps the best snack will be your favorite salad or a simple but hearty dish. In any case, nothing will spoil the holiday if the feast is accompanied by fun and warm communication of friends.