What do push-ups from the floor give?

Floor push-ups are one of the most common exercises that many young people use to start building muscle. True, few of them continue to regularly perform it, which is why the benefits are significantly reduced. The legendary Bruce Lee paid special attention to push-ups from the floor. It was he who demonstrated the most difficult variation of it - an exercise with a hand and two fingers. There are a huge number of push-up options, each of which is specific to a particular country. For example, in Russia, we traditionally do push-ups with weights, and in the USA, the exercise with a "corkscrew" is customary. What do push-ups from the floor give to our body? How are they useful?

We will consider the benefits of push-ups just below, but first of all we will pay attention to the fact that only with the right approach they can provide the effect necessary for the health of the body.

Basic principles of push-ups

  1. When starting the exercise for the first time, do not try to beat years of idleness in one day. The main thing is moderation, otherwise you risk repelling your desire to do push-ups forever.
  2. Before starting the actual push-up, warm up the muscles. In this case, they will not experience stress during a sharp load. Light jogging in place, jumping and other simple exercises will help warn the muscles of the subsequent load.
  3. After finishing the warm-up, go directly to the push-up. Take an emphasis lying down, look straight ahead without lowering your head. The back and legs should be in one straight line during the entire exercise, you cannot bend the lower back, as this can harm it. It is not necessary to press against the floor with the whole body - you can only touch it with your chest (which will make the effect more pronounced) or at least lower yourself to a distance of at least 3 cm above the floor, while keeping the whole body in weight. In no case, do not forget about breathing: while inhaling, lower yourself, and while exhaling, take the starting position. True, some believe that it is not necessary to breathe according to this scheme, because a person himself feels how it is easier for him to breathe so as not to load his body as much as possible.

Of course, if this is your first time doing this exercise, you will have to work hard to learn how to do it correctly. After all, pushing up incorrectly, you increase the risk of "pumping" the wrong muscles, which are needed. However, regular practice will help you achieve technical excellence.

What are the benefits of push-ups from the floor?

These are primarily muscle benefits. It is not for nothing that push-ups are considered an effective method of increasing muscle mass. This simple yet powerful exercise allows you to train several muscle groups:

  1. Large chest muscles.
  2. Knee push-ups.

Over time, your muscles will get used to this load, and you can move on to the next, more difficult stage. However, before starting to do push-ups with enthusiasm, pay attention to the contraindications that any exercise has, even the most simple and easy.

In what cases is push-ups contraindicated?

If you do not have a curvature of the spine and other medical contraindications (such as hernias, glaucoma, or blood clots), push-ups are not dangerous. They should be done with caution in people who are overweight or have problems with coordination, as well as injuries to the shoulders, elbows or wrists, both in the acute and chronic phases.