What do ostriches eat?

Therefore, it is highly desirable to arrange extensive aviaries for birds, where they would be able to run freely.

The quality of nutrition determines how well the young grow, what is the condition of adults, and whether the productivity of females is high. In summer, ostriches need to spend a significant part of their time in the pasture, where they can eat juicy pasture. In winter, hay is placed in the feeders instead of grass. Alfalfa and silage are very useful for birds.

Ostriches should also be given compound feed, grain, legumes. The diet is supplemented with chopped root crops - beets, carrots. Cabbage leaves, as well as zucchini and apples are delicious food for animals. In many cases, table waste can be added to the main poultry feed.

In addition, any literature containing information on what ostriches eat has highlighted the important role of mineral supplementation. Their sources are crushed shells and egg shells, bone meal, chalk. This is especially true for the diet of young animals, where such supplements should be an obligatory component.

Pebbles or gravel should be added to individual feeders from time to time. And, of course, you need to make sure that the birds drink a lot.