What can you bring from Vietnam as a gift?

Any tourist, to whatever country he goes and whatever corner of the Earth he visits, will definitely bring a couple of unusual things for himself and his loved ones. And when a trip is planned to such an exotic country as Vietnam, it is absolutely impossible to return without gifts! But sometimes, when you find yourself in a foreign land among all the variety of souvenirs and other exotics, it is difficult to concentrate on something specific. And not everything that you like is permissible to pack in your luggage. Let us analyze in order what you can bring from Vietnam as a gift in order to surprise your family and friends, leave yourself pleasant memories of the trip and not get into an annoying situation when going through customs.

Clothing and textiles

Traveling to different countries, it is customary to buy not just ordinary gifts, but those that will be associated with a particular area. Therefore, if fate has thrown you to Vietnam, do not rush to load magnets and postcards into your bag. Instead, focus on national souvenirs that symbolize this country, the things for which it is famous. In order to properly prepare for the upcoming purchases, it is important to know in advance what souvenirs you can bring from Vietnam.

Despite the fact that this state is not the birthplace of silk, there are a lot of products made from natural silk fabrics here. Robes, pajamas, scarves, national Vietnamese costumes, paintings, embroidered on silk, and other textile souvenirs of local craftsmen - all this can be found literally on every corner of the picturesque streets. And although the prices for this material around the world are quite high, here you do not have to spend too much money on gifts. In Vietnam, in general, all things are two to three times cheaper than in many European cities. The same goes for cotton. You can choose a wonderful cotton bedding or a pair of T-shirts for yourself, your friends or loved ones as a gift. The materials, pleasant to the touch, will remind you of the journey for a long time. Clothes will be another great purchase from Vietnam. And, in comparison with European brands, the prices will be a real surprise.

If you want to buy an exclusive item inexpensively, then go to the market. Here you will see a variety of options for a particular model, half or three times cheaper. In the market, you can bargain well with the seller and, if you're lucky, lower the price of the product by a few more dollars. However, there are also pitfalls here. When purchasing souvenirs in the market, you need to be very vigilant so as not to become a victim of scammers and not to buy a fake, which local merchants skillfully pass off as branded models. If you don't want to take risks, then you can go to the store for branded items.

What cannot be exported from the country?

In Vietnam, as in any other state, there is a list of foods, drinks and things that cannot be exported outside the country. It does not include weapons, narcotic drugs and illegal medicines, since these items themselves are considered inviolable and the ban on their export is not stipulated. It will be very useful for you to familiarize yourself with such a list before traveling. This will significantly save your money, preventing purchases prohibited for export, and will save your nerves when going through customs.