What can you bring from Germany?

Germany is an amazing country. There is a lot of interesting things here, and we can say with confidence that everyone wants to visit this fabulous place at least once. Going on a trip or a business trip to Germany, any of the tourists wants to take with them a souvenir or bring small gifts to friends and family. Cute trinkets or practical little things will give great memories of your vacation, and for friends, they will become a manifestation of attention and respect. Each country has its own culture and customs, which also affects the range of souvenirs. If you want to surprise your family, friends or colleagues, then the choice of souvenirs should be approached with a well-known German thoroughness and think in advance what you can bring from Germany as a gift for them.

Any trip to a new country leaves a mark on the soul, souvenirs on the shelf and photos in the album. Returning home, we enthusiastically share our memories and impressions with friends and family, generously presenting them with the brought gifts. It is important that they are of good quality, and presentations from Germany fully comply with this requirement. The second important condition: the brought gift must be associated with the country where you have been, in harmony with it.

The most common souvenirs are items with German symbols. It can be beer mugs, military postcards, a tin can with the "air of Berlin", cardboard stands with logos of German brewing companies, T-shirts and T-shirts with state symbols, and everything in this spirit. It is quite possible to bring even a piece of the Berlin Wall to your home - as a reminder not only of the trip, but also of history. But if you do not want to be different from most tourists, then push this item to the last plan. Let's consider several alternative options for what souvenirs you can bring from Germany, which are perfect as a gift.

Beer and everything connected with it

Beer is the most important symbol of Germany. We can say with confidence that if you want to know how many of its varieties are found throughout the country, you will never be able to do this. Literally every town or village brews an intoxicating drink according to its own recipe. Despite this, there are several popular beers throughout Germany. These are Pilsner, Altbier, Schwarzbier and Rauchbier.

German beer is best drunk from special mugs. Therefore, the second most important gift may well be a ceramic beer bowl with a special lid and the logo of one of the country's cities. The Germans specially created them exactly so that the taste of beer would not be spoiled by extraneous odors. Lovely ladies will be very happy with such a gift.

Souvenirs for children

If you are going to bring a present for your child, then, in addition to the aforementioned sweets, you can buy something more durable, such as German toys. Berlin bears are very popular in Germany. Here they are presented in a wide range: plush, wooden, magnetic. The main thing is that it is the national symbol of the country. These bears are divided into two types - the Teddy bear and the Buddy Beer. But which of them to choose depends on you.

In addition to bears, another German toy hit is the famous nutcracker made of wood. In general, if you look into the Käthe Wohlfahrt toy store, you will personally see that the Germans prefer exclusively wooden toys. The greatest demand for such souvenirs in Germany falls on Christmas Eve. The nutcracker, toy soldiers, dolls, angels are especially popular; besides, at this time of the year you can get good discounts.

A bit of exoticism

One of the types of exotic German souvenirs can be considered a stuffed Bavarian Volpertinger. You won't find such a gift anywhere else. This creature outwardly resembles a hare, a goose, a heron and an owl. Locals claim that it is indeed found in local forests, but no one has personally met with it yet. Such a souvenir will be appreciated by avid collectors and lovers of unusual gifts. You can buy it for yourself, in any case, it will certainly have the desired effect and will be an excellent reminder of the past trip.

The Bavarian national costume will also be a wonderful surprise for your friends or relatives. But there is one drawback: such a gift will cost a lot of money and not everyone can afford it. But don't be discouraged, you can buy instead of a suit, for example, a hat worn by the Bavarian huntsmen. Or, as a last resort, clothes of some German brand.

Other souvenirs

Handicrafts are highly prized in Germany and will be a good reminder of a delightful trip for you. This can be, for example, handmade dishes. One of the best producers is located in Meissen (Saxony). A collection of porcelain figurines, for example, based on the works of the Franciscan nun Maria Innocent Hummel, can also be a good option.


But most of all, as a presentation from Germany, the Solingen knives will be appreciated. Men will be delighted with such a gift. You can find similar souvenirs in specialized stores and in household goods stores.

To summarize: you can bring as many souvenirs and gifts from Germany as your heart desires. The main thing is that the budget allows you to do this. Most of these gifts have a really high price tag. In any case, you always have the opportunity to purchase several small inexpensive souvenirs at the airport in duty-free. Although it will not be as pleasant as choosing a "real" German gift.