What can pregnant women drink?

But with cocoa, pregnant women should be careful, because it stimulates the leaching of calcium from the blood of the expectant mother. But this mineral component is one of the fundamental building materials at the stage of fruit formation! Moreover, cocoa is a strong allergen and contains some amount of caffeine.

Other drinks

Milk, provided that there is no allergy to lactose, does not pose any danger to the health of a woman and her offspring. On the contrary, it contains proteins, amino acids, calcium, iron, which are beneficial for the body, etc. It is important to note that unpasteurized milk should be excluded from the diet of the expectant mother due to the high probability of contamination with pathogenic bacteria.

Answering the question what can pregnant women drink, one cannot ignore the tasty and healthy kefir. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, due to which it is indicated for use by everyone: from small to large. This drink helps in the fight against constipation, which is a very common problem among expectant mothers. Moreover, it contains a minimum amount of calories, which is also important. After all, many women are overweight in the last stages of gestation. It is not recommended to consume kefir too often: one or two glasses a week will be enough. If you wish, you can occasionally pamper yourself with fermented baked milk, yogurt or natural milkshakes.

Special attention should be paid to kvass, the effect of which on the organism of the expectant mother has not yet been studied. On the one hand, this drink has a similar effect with kefir and is fraught with many useful properties. On the other hand, it contains a small percentage of alcohol, which can affect the health of the fetus with frequent use. Touching upon the topic of alcoholic beverages, it is worth mentioning once again about their destructive effect on a tiny organism. A woman in a position should not succumb to persuasion to drink a glass of champagne or a bottle of beer in honor of a significant date. The only exception is dry red wine, famous for its ability to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood and remove toxins from the body. Therefore, it is quite permissible to sip a few sips of such a miraculous "elixir" once a month.

Thus, the most useful and safe drink for pregnant women is pure water without gas. Adding a slice of lemon or orange will help make it more tasty and rich. Various fruit drinks, fresh juices and herbal teas also have an excellent effect on the body. By betting on them throughout pregnancy, the expectant mother will occasionally be able to pamper herself with a cup of aromatic coffee or a glass of good red wine. These little joys will help brighten up the period of strict restrictions and get a charge of positive emotions.