What can be made from sausages?

Often, when you need to quickly "figure out" something tasty, sausages are used. Many make sure that the coveted packaging always finds its place in the refrigerator among the supplies. But sometimes there is a desire not only to boil semi-finished products, but to come up with a more interesting dish. In this case, it will be useful to find out what to cook delicious and, perhaps, not quite ordinary from sausages.

Pasta with sausage circles

At the beginning of the preparation of this delicious dish, put the pasta to cook. Do not forget to add salt to the water. While the boiling process is in progress, you need to use the time to prepare other ingredients necessary for the dish. Grate cheese, grind sausages into circles, beat an egg.

Add the prepared ingredients to the cooked hot pasta and add a little milk. For spiciness, you can season the mass with mustard powder. Then everything should be mixed and sent in a baking dish to the oven. You need to keep the dish there at 180 degrees for 15 minutes, and then it remains to put delicious pasta on plates and serve.

Buckwheat with sausages

This recipe is simple, and the food is very satisfying and aromatic. The basis of the dish is boiled buckwheat. You need to prepare an appetizing addition to it. To do this, chop and begin to fry the carrots and onions. Along the way, you need to cut the sausages and add to the vegetables. Continue to fry everything, stirring. At the end, add ready-made buckwheat and spices to taste. Mix ingredients again. After keeping it still a little on the fire, turn off the gas. A delicious dinner or a second course is ready for lunch!

Sausages with cheese

The title of this recipe contains all the necessary ingredients. You can prepare such an appetizer or addition to a side dish very quickly, and it will not be difficult.

First you need to prepare the cheese - grate it. Then you need to do the sausages. In each of them, an incision must be made to form a depression. That is, you need to walk with a knife along the sausages, without reaching their edges and without cutting through the opposite side.

Then grease the baking sheet with butter. Taking one sausage in your hands, you should fill the incision with cheese and place the product on a baking sheet. The same should be done with the rest of the semi-finished products.

Stuffed sausages are sent to the oven for ten minutes. During this time, the cheese will melt, and the sausages themselves will swell and cover with an appetizing crust. Real jam!

Salad with sausages

This is another simple and very tasty dish. The main components of the salad: sausages, fresh cucumber, boiled eggs. These ingredients need to be taken visually approximately equally. Cut the cucumber and sausages into small cubes. The eggs are also finely chopped.

Now you should put the herbs in the bowl. Everything is salted, the salad mixes well. And the last step is adding mayonnaise to taste and final mixing of the components. Salad ready!

Casserole with sausages

What can you make from sausages more complicated, but very tasty? A casserole recipe will come to the rescue. This dish will require more ingredients, but the result will not disappoint. You will need a multicooker.

You need to take: eight sausages, a few potatoes, a couple of eggs, slices of processed cheese according to the number of sausages, a little sour cream, spices, salt.

Each sausage should be wrapped in a cheese plate and put on a plate for now. Grate raw potatoes. Stir eggs, seasoning and sour cream into the mixture. Grease the multicooker. Place part of the mixture in a bowl, smooth over the bottom. Spread the next layer in a row of sausages. Cover everything with the remaining potatoes.

Set the Baking mode. The culinary product will be ready in an hour. The slightly cooled cake must be removed from the bowl by turning it over. Bon Appetit!