What brings Larisa Ogudalova from "Brideless" and Katerina Kabanova from "Groza" together?.

You can easily imagine how Katerina evolves into Larissa - taking into account social processes and relationships, new phenomena. Instead of an uneducated merchant's daughter in heroines, there is now a secular semi-aristocrat, instead of fear of punishment from above for sin - longing and throwing in anticipation of marriage, instead of fairy tales of pilgrims and the church - a gypsy choir and a guitar, instead of a "dark kingdom" - an enlightened decent society. There is no more room for people like Katerina in a changed society, therefore a modern author Larissa appears, who cannot be so integral as to snatch her life out of the conditions in which she finds herself. People have become more complex, their problems and contradictions have lost their uniqueness, have become multifaceted.