Tips for choosing green tea.

You can check the quality of tea at home by filling it with hot water for 1-3 minutes and evaluating the result. A good drink foams easily when brewed. It should have a pleasant aroma, bright color and be transparent at the same time. The color usually ranges from light to dark green, sometimes with hints of yellow. Quality green tea is characterized by a pleasant sweetish taste. It can be drunk without sugar, while a low quality drink will certainly want to sweeten.

Thus, when choosing green tea, it is necessary to carefully study its appearance and, if possible, feel the aroma. Guided by the above tips, it will not be difficult to determine quality raw materials. As for the type of drink, it should be selected based on your own taste preferences. Do not forget that some types are medicinal and are not shown to everyone. By purchasing tea in specialized stores, the buyer will be able to receive detailed advice from a specialist, which will allow him to make a choice in favor of one or another option.