The smartest dog in the world.

Einsteins, smart guys, talented guys, hard workers, stubborn and... just handsome. It's all about man's four-legged friends. At the end of the last century, according to the research results of the Canadian professor of psychology Stanley Coren, the most intelligent dog in the world was named.

The Border Collie, an unpretentious assistant to English shepherds, takes the first place in the ranking of 110 breeds. Koren's famous book "The Intelligense of Dogs" was published in 1994, but the title of the most intelligent breed from the border collie to this day - no one could take it away.

It's time to get to know this wonderful beast better.

Border Collie: the history of the breed

The first description of the breed dates back to 1570:

“These dogs are somewhat hunched over, but how they work! This is amazing! Their energy is limitless, their movements are light, and their running is silent. The eye does not keep up with them - they are so swift, and only the shepherd owners are able to follow their movements. Their indefatigability and endurance knows no bounds. They are ready to rush into the stormy stream for the fallen lamb and die, saving him like their own child. But misfortune does not happen - dogs by some instinct predict the slightest movement of their wards. The herd is completely subordinate to them. Their sullen gaze has hypnotic power. The owner controls the dogs with a whistle, very rarely with a gesture, never with a voice. Amazing dogs! "

Border Collies at work: walking around the herd

The roots of the breed are quite ancient - it arose between the 8th and 10th centuries AD. Endurance and good health were passed on to the boarders from the reindeer herding husky dogs, which came to English lands along with the Vikings. Here northern dogs mixed with local breeds. Before them, wolfhounds brought in by the Roman legionaries served here. But over time, wolves and bears disappeared in the Scottish mountains, and the need for mastiffs disappeared. And the clever and maneuverable collies turned out to be very useful - the multiplying flocks of sheep had to be grazed by someone...

In works on dog breeding until the 18th century, boarders were referred to as working, or farm collies. Even the name itself - collie (collie) in translation from the local dialect means "useful in the household." The collie attachment is worn by many of the household gadgets. The closest in meaning in the Russian language is the word "uvvar".

During the reign of Queen Victoria, horse racing and various kinds of mass competitions, including dogs, began to come into fashion. Here the Border Collie star rose as an unsurpassed shepherd and, moreover, an artist. The shepherd dog competition attracted a huge number of spectators, and the boarders had no equal. Not the least role was played by the famous hypnotizing look with which these dogs kept the sheep in a state close to numbness.

The video is not a world medalist, but one of many. It is noticeable that the dog works with pleasure:

Silver and bronze

The top step of the pedestal, undoubtedly, belongs to the border collie, but a serious struggle unfolded for the second and third places. It turned out that the breeds, which are not enough in the training of stars from the sky, are very, very smart in a non-standard situation. Therefore, in the top 5 ratings from the AKC were those who dragged in the tail of Koren - the bloodhound and the beagle:

Top 5 intelligent dog breeds
RankAccording to KorenAccording to the AKC version (in brackets - the position on Koren's scale from 1 to 131)
1Border CollieBorder Collie
2PoodleGerman Shepherd
3German ShepherdBloodhound (126)
4Golden retrieverBeagle (124)
5Doberman PinscherLabrador Retriever

The German Shepherd entered the top three in both. Retrievers - Labrador and Golden Retrievers - are not far behind. It is possible that the next smartest dog in the world will be one of their ranks.


Or maybe look for a dog with seven spans in the forehead? Many breeds popular in Russia did not participate in the overseas ratings at all. West Siberian Laika, for example. The mestizos were not allowed to compete either. And in vain - Belka and Strelka were, as you know, mongrels...