The most expensive car in Russia.

Car sales in Russia have dropped markedly since the beginning of 2015. The decrease in the income of domestic citizens, as well as the rapid growth of inflation and the dollar exchange rate against the ruble, hit both foreign car manufacturers and the Russian AvtoVAZ. Residents of Russia who bought expensive cars at pre-crisis prices are incredibly happy, because the cost of almost all types of vehicles produced abroad has grown by one and a half to two times. However, our dear AvtoVAZ did not stand aside, raising prices for the Lada Priora and Kalina models. It is likely that the brand new Vesta will roll off the assembly line at an inflated cost. But the increase in car prices did not in any way affect the purchasing power of the “elite” part of the population of our country. In Russia, as before, top-end supercars are purchased at a cost of several tens of millions of rubles. True, few citizens know what the most expensive car in Russia is and what its price is.

Alas, in Russia there are no owners of premium cars manufactured in a single copy. The most expensive car bought by a citizen of the Russian Federation is the Bugatti Veyron, produced before 2013. The cost of a 1000-horsepower supercar is 175 million rubles. In the middle part of the all-wheel drive "Veyron" is a 16-cylinder engine producing at the limit of 1020-1040 horsepower. A French-made supercar accelerates to one hundred kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds. In addition to being the most expensive production car, the Veyron also holds a speed record of 431 kilometers per hour. True, this record of maximum speed was set by the "supersport version" of the hypercar with a boosted up to 1200 hp. with. engine and improved aerodynamics.

With 8-piston calipers and ventilated carbon-ceramic brake discs, the two-tonne hypercar takes only 10 seconds to drop top speed to zero.

Bugatti Veyron is made in various versions, including individual copies. Several hypercars of this brand are registered in Moscow, and some can be seen in the capitals of the North Caucasus republics.

But the Russian auto elite breathes not only "Veyron". In recent years, German-made SUVs appear more and more on Russian roads. Mercedes-Benz G65 Mansory worth 75 million rubles at the end of last year was bought by one of the Russian footballers. The G-class SUV, tuned by Mansory, is equipped with a 950-horsepower engine with a volume of almost 6 liters and an automatic transmission.

Italian-made supercars are gaining great popularity in Russia. Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta worth over 50 million rubles stood on a par with Bugatti hypercar and Mercedes SUVs.

However, in our country there is one of the most expensive cars in the world for sale - the LaFerrari model worth over 2.5 million dollars. To purchase it, you need to collect at least 125 million rubles and agree on the purchase with the president of Ferrari. However, first you have to buy a couple more models from Ferrari. These are the requirements for buying a top-end car of the Italian concern. But given the tense situation in the country and the high dollar rate, expensive cars with a price tag of 100 million rubles or more are not expected in Russia in the near future.

Want to know more about Veyron? We suggest watching the following video about a hypercar with a 1000-horsepower engine: