The most dangerous dog in the world.

Humanity has come a long way since its inception. And from a primitive cave to a comfortable apartment he is accompanied by his faithful friends - dogs. Together with a man, they went hunting, warmed his children in the cold, grazed cattle, protected from wild animals, and delivered them over long distances.

With the development of society, people have the opportunity to cultivate and improve the special qualities of breeds: this is how guide dogs, bloodhounds, rescue dogs and even demolition dogs arose. People were so carried away by experiments that they themselves did not notice how they turned some of their friends and companions into monsters. Here are 4 dog breeds that, according to Wikipedia, can claim the title of "Most Dangerous Dog in the World."

Pit Bull Terrier

The character of these powerful, strong-willed animals is determined by the mixture of breeds from which they were bred: Bulldog and Terrier. From the first they received strength, perseverance, from the second - the speed of reaction, agility. Combined with an independent disposition, these qualities made the pit bull a devastating fighting machine for spectacular dog fights.

Dog fighting was at one time very common in the United States, and pit bulls became very popular there, although the official cynological association did not recognize this breed due to the "blurring" of its standard. Then, when fighting was banned, these dogs were kept at home as service dogs. However, due to the aggressiveness and uncontrollability in a number of countries, a ban was introduced on their breeding: pit bulls often attacked people.

Currently, dogs of this breed are valued for their keen sense of smell and are actively used by the police and customs services to search for drugs and explosives.

Tosa Inu (Japanese Mastiff)

Many inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun would be surprised that this calm and reasonable animal is dangerous. In Japan, martial arts have always been treated with trepidation, perfecting the nobility of fighting. So Tosa Inu can be considered the embodiment of the qualities of a sumo wrestler.

This breed was originally bred for dog fights, but was accustomed to the fact that in the ring you can use body strength, agility, speed, but not fangs. Tosa Inu tries to knock the opponent down, squeeze, but will not bark and bite. Behaves with exceptional intelligence and dignity.

Experts warn that this is a serious dog not for fun. She will obey only a person who is stronger in spirit than her. That is why the breed is not recommended for amateur breeding.

Dogo Argentino

At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Augustine Norez Martinez worked with mania to develop an exceptional breed of dog. According to his plan, it was supposed to be a powerful and very agile dog, distinguished by fearlessness and monstrous strength. Therefore, the basis for the new breed was the fierce dog of the Conquistadors Cordoba Mastiff, Boxer, Bulldog, Great Dane, Bull Terrier, Fast Wolfhund, Massive Spanish Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux, as well as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Dr. Martinez succeeded in the experiment: the resulting magnificent Dogo Argentino nimbly and tirelessly hunted cougars and bakers (small pigs). Currently, the breed is considered the pride of Argentina and is successfully bred in many countries around the world.

Why is it that in some states introduced increased control over the Argentine mastiffs? Due to the peculiarities of these dogs: they genetically go back to the fighting breed and in case of signs of aggression can be extremely dangerous. No wonder they are called "white angels of death." Suffice it to recall an incident that took place several years ago in one of the Moscow courtyards.

One of the residents of an ordinary high-rise building late at night was walking with his dog Argentinean pet. Returning home, the man noticed that the dog was strangely worried. It turned out that thieves had entered his car, parked in the yard, and had already started the car, preparing to drive off. Confused, he instinctively let the dog off the leash.

Further events developed rapidly: after accelerating, the dog broke through the windshield and grabbed the person sitting behind the wheel. It was a pity to look at the kidnappers: by the time the police arrived, they needed not only medical, but also psychological help.

Fila brasileiro

The power of the mastiff, the sad charm of the bloodhound, the stubbornness of the bulldog - all this is fila brasileiro. Modern dogs of this breed are exceptionally intelligent and loyal to their family. Experts speak of them as excellent guards for a country house. They are also considered excellent companions. How, with all the undoubted merits, did this wonderful dog get into our rating?

It turns out that she is good only for “her own”. "Aliens" do not go where the fila is kept. On the gates of mansions and country houses in Brazil, you will not find signs "Beware, angry dog!" There, one word is printed in extremely specific large letters: "FILA". This is enough for not a single robber to even look in the direction of the estate.

The fact is that in this breed, hostility towards strangers is fixed at the genetic level. Given the fila's size, keen sense of smell and excellent agility for her size, it is difficult to imagine what could stop her if she decides to show her protective instinct. That is why in a number of countries it is allowed to keep such dogs only by a court decision.

This is what the rating of the most terrible dogs looks like. However, experienced dog handlers, when asked which dog is the most dangerous, answer: "The one that was poorly brought up by the owner." So, before you get a puppy, think about whether you have enough time and energy to properly raise a human friend?