The most beautiful goal in the history of football.

What is the most beautiful goal in the history of football is a debatable question. Various sports newspapers, magazines and websites regularly conduct polls of fans in order to find out who scored the “best” goal? And with enviable constancy they declare that “the goal of the century”, “the goal of the millennium” or “the best goal of all times and peoples” have been scored by:

  • Pele;
  • Diego Maradona;
  • Fedor Cherenkov;
  • Ronaldo...

And many more options.

Undoubtedly, evaluative categories are a subjective thing, so there is no definite answer to the question posed. There have been, are and will be many great football players in the world who can claim the authorship of the most spectacular goal.

Criteria for “the most beautiful goal”

As the proverb says, “there is no comrade for the taste and color ". Therefore, it is impossible to determine which is better. An excellent technique that allows you to outflank several defenders and, going one-on-one with the goalkeeper, hit the goal, as well as an accurate and strong shot from an uncomfortable situation and / or from a long distance look equally spectacular. Deciding which is best is a matter of individual fan preference.

Unusual goals are a separate category. Such as a goal scored by a goalkeeper taking a kick from his goal. By the way, this is not such a rare situation. Or the goalkeeper's illiterate game at the exit, when he, having parried the blow, does not have time to return to the goal, and the opposing player calmly throws the ball over his head. And in this video you can watch perhaps the most unusual (to date) penalty taken at the Moroccan championship:

The goalkeeper's lack of professionalism and overconfidence, which had a detrimental effect on the team, is evident.

Gallery of spectacular goals

Our "football everything" of the eighties Fyodor Cherenkov in a match with the French club "Nantes" demonstrates the wonders of dribbling and dribbling and eventually scores a goal:

Pay attention: he goes one against three defenders, beats everyone, then a small hitch in order to disorient the opponent, pass to a friend, and when the French switched to that - again pass and an accurate shot on goal! This episode is for football gourmets.

Another spectacular goal was scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic (a Swedish-born Bosnian Muslim, but now a Catholic). In this video, you can see his incredible sense of the "size of the field" when, after the opponent's goalkeeper hits the kick, without even letting the ball touch the ground, he kicks over himself in the fall and hits the goal accurately:

Of course, it was not without elementary sports luck, but the winners are not judged. The goal turned out to be surprisingly spectacular.

And here the goalkeeper performs a free kick from the corner of his court:

It would seem, how many times it has been said: you can't relax in sports, and this especially applies to game types! However, the rival goalkeeper arrogantly considered that his goal was not in danger and, before the ball got within the range of an aimed strike, he would have time to intercept it or take a more convenient position to repel the attack. But everything turned out quite differently: the ball, hitting the ground, bounces and in a steep arc (there is no way to reach it) flies over the goalkeeper. Alas, gaining experience in this way is too expensive!

This collection does not pretend to be completeness and absoluteness. It is clear that every sports fan has his own opinion as to what is the most beautiful goal in the history of football. And it is clear that the list of spectacular goals will be longer and longer every year. [thirty].