The largest warship in the world.

A well-armed and efficient army can defend the borders of the state both on land and at sea. With the advent of aircraft in the 20th century, a new branch of the military arose - the air force. The aircraft industry was developing rapidly, every year new types of airborne vehicles - fighters, attack aircraft, bombers - rose into the sky. Combat aircraft equipped with missiles and bombs were increasingly used in naval operations. After some time, a special type of ships was created for the sailors - aircraft carriers, capable of taking on board a large number of fighters and attack aircraft, while being at sea. Every year, the size of aircraft carriers grew until it appeared, the largest warship in the world. USS Enterprise (CVN-65) is the world's first aircraft carrier with a nuclear reactor as a power plant, commissioned back in 1961.

The Americans have created a truly unique and very expensive car. The huge ship cost the American treasury $ 451 million. For this amount, the military received an aircraft carrier with a length of 342 meters, capable of taking on board up to 90 aircraft and helicopters. The Enterprise's crew consisted of 3,000 people. As a power plant, 8 nuclear reactors were used, generating 210 megawatts of energy. The nuclear aircraft carrier was propelled by four turbines and developed a maximum speed of 62 kilometers per hour.

Alas, on December 1, 2012, the aircraft carrier was decommissioned and sent for scrapping. Almost a year later, a new aircraft carrier of the American army left the stocks of the Virginia shipyard, which is practically the same size as the Enterprise. USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) is a new generation of aircraft carriers with a length of 337 meters. For protection, it is equipped with two Bechtel A1B reactors and Evolved Sea Sparrow missiles. Gerald Ford can take on board up to 75 aircraft of various types, including UAVs. True, the new giant will join the squadron of ships only in 2016.

Not only aircraft carriers are huge. Thus, the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great is the world's largest warship that does not belong to the class of aircraft carriers. The Russian attack heavy missile cruiser was laid down at the Baltic Shipyard in 1986 during the Soviet era. But Peter the Great left the stocks after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and in 1998 was admitted to the Northern Fleet.

In fact, "Peter the Great" is capable of performing any mission at sea, as it is equipped with almost all types of weapons.

But his main task is to destroy aircraft carriers. The most equipped ship in Russia, 262 meters long, is equipped with two nuclear reactors and two auxiliary boilers generating 300 MW of power. The cruiser is powered by a pair of turbines with a capacity of 70,000 hp. each one. The maximum speed of the Russian nuclear ship, the photo of which is presented below, is 57 km / h, and it is serviced by 1,035 crew members.

TARKR "Peter the Great" is the pride of the Russian fleet and the thunderstorm of all foreign ships. But Russian developers are not going to stop there. A project has already been approved for a promising destroyer for the far sea zone, which will soon replenish the Northern Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. According to representatives of the developers, this "super destroyer" will be larger than Peter the Great and will be equipped with the latest technology: S-500 Prometheus complexes, anti-ship missiles, torpedoes and missiles for destroying ground targets.