The largest bulldozer in the world.

Large-scale equipment has always been required for the construction of huge structures and the extraction of resources. Bulldozers, excavators, mining trucks are colossal in size, and the power of their engines thrills even hypercar manufacturers. Several manufacturing companies have firmly established themselves in the construction and mining equipment market. One of these firms is Komatsu, which produces loaders and excavators, dump trucks and super dozers. This company is popular with both mining and construction workers, because the Komatsu D575A is the largest bulldozer in the world. Huge dimensions, wide and large bucket, powerful engine - all this is united under one name "D575A".

At the moment there are two modifications of the model "D575A":

  • bulldozer "D575A-3" weighing 131.35 tons with an installed ripper;
  • superdozer "D575A-3 SD" weighing 152.6 tons - improved modification of "D575A-3".

The largest bulldozer in the world is equipped with an engine, the output of which is comparable to the power of the Bugatti Veyron engine - 1150 horsepower. All the power of the 12-cylinder diesel engine, equipped with a turbocharger, goes to traction, as a result of which a thousand "horses" are enough to move a 150-ton car from a standstill. The construction monster is 11.71 meters long, 7.4 meters wide and almost 5 meters high. The volume of the Komatsu D575A-3 SD fuel tank is 2100 liters.

Strictly speaking, a bulldozer is the same tractor, but with additional attachments in the form of a blade and a ripper. This type of equipment is used mainly in construction: clearing the territory, moving or leveling the soil, erecting embankments, excavating foundation pits, etc. As a result, the main indicator of the efficiency of a bulldozer is the volume of the blade. In the model "D575A-3 SD", the photo of which is presented below, it is 69 cubic meters.

This model was released in 1991 and survived three generations. In the latest generation, the design of the driver's cab has changed significantly, the transmission and electronic control system have been improved. In addition, the developers have improved the hydraulics, increased "survivability" and productivity. In this regard, the model "D575A" received the index "3" (third generation) and the prefix "SD" (super dozer).

Undoubtedly, in addition to the above equipment, there are other models of bulldozers, which in their dimensions can "compete" with the Komatsu D575A-3 SD. So, the second place in a kind of top of the largest bulldozers will be taken by the model "D475A-5 SD" from the same manufacturer. "475th" boasts a powerful engine, output 890 forces, less weight (108 tons) and an average bucket volume - 27.2 cubic meters.