The difference between voluntary medical insurance and compulsory medical insurance.

When we go to a polyclinic for help or advice, we are often surprised if we have to pay for certain services. The reason for this is that there are two types of medical policies, and each of them is designed to receive a certain type of service (compulsory medical insurance and voluntary medical insurance).


Compulsory health insurance (CHI) is of a social nature and is carried out at the state level. It includes a list of medical services that are provided to the patient at the place of residence or in another region of the country completely free of charge.

Voluntary medical insurance (VHI) guarantees the patient the provision of paid medical services that are not included in the mandatory list, exactly for the amount for which the insurance policy was issued. Both types of insurance are aimed at reimbursing the costs of patient examination, treatment and rehabilitation. They complement each other perfectly.


However, voluntary health insurance provides the patient with a higher level of medical care due to the presence of a powerful material and technical base. Compulsory health insurance is what the government offers and what it is responsible for. It includes many items, including disability, as well as health care for mothers and children.

Voluntary health insurance is only for certain types of services, each organization has different rules and requirements. Of course, both types of insurance are similar in that they are aimed at reimbursing and reimbursing the costs of treatment and diagnosis of diseases. Large companies are now adding a voluntary health insurance package to their hiring benefits, which is a very good advantage and also reduces employee turnover.


  1. VHI - voluntary medical insurance, CHI - compulsory.
  2. The VHI policy is purchased by citizens independently or is included in the social package for employees of the enterprise. The compulsory medical insurance policy is issued free of charge to every citizen of the Russian Federation, including persons without a fixed abode and persons with temporary registration.
  3. The VHI policy has wider possibilities, the MHI policy is limited to the list of free medical services.