The difference between visits and views.

Every site owner or administrator is familiar with the statistics counter. In addition to ambitions, its indicators work on a professional vector: monitoring the attendance of a resource allows you to make its return as high as possible. Service departments sometimes show rather strange numbers, and sometimes errors arise from misunderstandings. For example, the priority of the number of visits can be specific to a certain type of resource, the number of views allows you to assess the quality of the content.


Visits - the number of sessions during which the visitor is on the site.

Views - the number of page downloads by the user.


The difference between visits and views is clear. By analogy with a guest who actually came for coffee, visits are the number of visits. One neighbor came three times a week, another - once, the mother-in-law appeared twice... The door, open to the call and closed behind the guest, counts the visits. And views are the number of cups of coffee drunk by guests. Some for each visit one, some on Monday a couple, and on Wednesday one, but the mother-in-law put it on the stream and goes with her sugar. As a result, looking at the hole in the budget, we consider: they came to us six times in a week, thirteen cups of coffee were consumed. The triumph of greed will tell you something.

Visits are determined by sessions. If a person visits the site and does not show activity, then the session is interrupted (usually after thirty minutes, but statistics services are not the same in this). Resumption of activity - re-session and re-visit. While the visitor is active, the time of the visit is not limited. Views are the number of page downloads, including repeated ones, and refunds over time. An exception that is not taken into account by statistics is auto-refresh of the page a few seconds after the transition. If you methodically read the pages of the forum, returning to the necessary posts and threads, each such page is counted, regardless of whether you read it for an hour, skimmed through it, returned from another, or entered from a search engine.

Some services, including Yandex Metrics, can also see targeted visits - that is, those that meet the conditions of the statistics counter specified by the administrator. Also, goals can be independent of statistics: for example, some experts consider visits as target visits, as a result of which the user has viewed a certain number of pages, left a comment, ordered a product or participated in a survey. There are no random transitions on these graphs.


  1. Visits - the number of sessions during which the visitor is on the site.
  2. Views - the number of pages loaded by the visitor.
  3. There can be many views per visit.