The difference between value and norm.

Values ​​and norms are important aspects in the life of society. They determine the activities of people and are related to each other. What is the difference between value and norm, and what is generally meant by each of the mentioned concepts? Let's try to find out.


Value is what which is of particular importance in people's lives. For example, for many people are important: health, creative self-realization, love and family, friendships, freedom and other values. The totality of what is personal or socially significant is called a value system.

Norm is a rule that people are obliged to comply with, being in a certain situation. The norm may be a prohibition of an action, a permission or a requirement. Examples: it is impossible to enter the doctor's office without a queue; it is allowed to cross the street only on a green light.


So, values ​​are what stands at the head of our life. These categories are publicly available. And each of us has his own priorities in this regard. For someone, say, the most important thing is material well-being, and he is not averse to marrying for convenience. And the other does not see the meaning in life without love and will not exchange this feeling for anything.

In such a right of choice is the difference between value and norm. After all, the norm does not take into account personal interests. The established prescription must be respected, even if the person does not fully understand its expediency. In this case, it is assumed that it is accepted or required by law to do so.

Values ​​are abstract. They act as landmarks. It is values ​​that define our goals and motivate us to take action. The norms do not allow to cross the line in this activity. They relate to specific situations and streamline social relationships. This prevents many unwanted events.

For example, when passengers first leave public transport, and only then other people rush into it, there is a regulated social interaction. In the event of a violation of the norm, confusion and collisions occur at the doors of the transport.

What is the difference between value and norm? The fact that no one can force a person to be guided by certain values. At the same time, compliance with the norms is strictly controlled. And those who go beyond a certain framework find themselves under public condemnation or subject to more severe punishment.

There is a strong relationship between values ​​and norms. The system of values ​​determines the content of the existing regulations, and according to the norms, one can judge what is most important for people. A unified system is being formed that holds society together and ensures competent interaction of its participants in various situations.


Values ​​ Norms
This is what is of particular importanceCertain rules
Everyone has their own (but there are also universal ones)The same for everyone
AbstractRefers to specific situations
Are guidelines for behaviorRegulate behavior
Not mandatoryProvides punishment for non-compliance