The difference between the "superior" and "standard" number.

In modern large hotels, as a rule, there are rooms of the "standard" and "superior" categories. What is the specificity of each of them?

What is the “standard” number?

The category " standard" is considered to be an economical, relatively small hotel room:

  • which has everything a tourist needs (bed, private bathroom, air conditioning, telephone, TV);
  • serviced under a standard scheme that involves regular cleaning and linen change.

The view from the window of a "standard" room can be different - to the sea, to the courtyard, to the forest, to the neighboring buildings. The wishes of tourists when settling in an apartment of the corresponding type can be taken into account by the hotel administration, but this does not always happen, and quite rarely - in the high season.

The balcony in a standard room may be absent or very small. If there is one, then, as a rule, furniture of modest quality and design is located on it.

What is the Superior number?

Under the corresponding category " superior" it is customary to understand a room that at least has all the features of a "standard" apartment, as well as:

  • has a significantly larger area - about one and a half times, sometimes it is two-room (in this case it has 2 beds);
  • often has a view of the sea, garden or other attractive places;
  • in many cases it is furnished with more modern furniture, appliances, and has a better finish.

The balcony in the superior rooms, as a rule, is present and has a fairly large area. It is often furnished with comfortable and stylish furniture to enhance the comfort of tourists.


The main difference between the "superior" room and the "standard" is that the apartments of the first type have a larger area (this also applies to the balcony), and, as a rule, are equipped with more comfortable furniture and appliances.

It is worth noting that it makes sense to compare rooms according to the categories in question only if we are talking about hotels of the same star level. Most likely, the three-star "superior" will be significantly inferior in terms of comfort, and it is possible that in terms of area, the four-star "standard". Moreover, even with the same stardom, the equipment of the "standards" of some brands sometimes significantly exceeds the infrastructure of the "superior" rooms of competing hotels. Therefore, it is desirable to compare these categories in their pure form within the framework of one hotel.

Having determined what is the difference between the number "superior" and "standard", we reflect the conclusions in the table.


Superior number Standard number
What do they have in common?
Both types of rooms have everything a tourist needs: at least 1 bed, private bathroom, household appliances
What is the difference between them?
Typically more spacious, may have more than 1 roomTypically less spacious
May have 2 or more bedsTypically only have 1 bed
May have a large balconyMay not have a balcony
May be furnished with more comfortable furniture, equipped with more modern technologyOften furnished with modest furniture, not equipped with the most modern technology