The difference between the exam and the GIA.

The time taken to complete the work during the exam is 3 astronomical hours. For GIA it is 4 hours.

The USE results are entered into a single federal electronic database. Data on the passage of the 9th grade by the graduate of the GIA is stored in the school and the district education department.


  1. The Unified State Exam is held for 11 grades as a mandatory form of exam, the results of which determine the level of mastering by graduates of educational programs in certain subjects.
  2. Graduates of the 9th grade of secondary schools are the participants of the SIA.
  3. The Unified State Exam is held at exam sites registered by Rosobrnadzor.
  4. GIA takes place at school with the participation of the territorial examination committee.
  5. The number of questions for the tasks of type A and B for the exam is greater than for the GIA, and the degree of complexity of the task of type C is higher.
  6. The time spent on the exam is 1 hour less than the time spent on the state exam.
  7. Based on the results of the USE, grade 11 graduates can be admitted to higher or secondary specialized educational institutions.
  8. The results of passing the SIA are taken into account when graduates of grades 9 are admitted to colleges, vocational schools and specialized educational institutions.