The difference between Thai and regular boxing.

Although there are boxers who deliberately make a lot of grabs in order to exhaust the opponent and deprive him of the advantages of active combat. At the same time, clinching in Muay Thai is one of the most dangerous stages of the fight, because powerful blows with elbows and knees are allowed here, which are difficult to see and prevent in this position. It is due to this that those who own Muay Thai have special advantages in close combat, even during fights without rules.

Some differences are observed in the environment inherent in each of the two types of boxing. So, in English for a fight, you need a square ring, the side of which in modern competitions can vary from 3 to 7 m. Boxers spend 3-minute rounds with a break of 1 minute.

Interestingly, Muay Thai fights are traditionally accompanied by music. She sets the rhythm and helps the fighters to concentrate. The duration of a round, as for ordinary boxing, is 3 minutes, but the fight takes place in a square ring with a side of 6 meters.

In general, Muay Thai is considered one of the most traumatic and tough types of martial arts. Until 1929, when the rules for winning by points were established, fighters often left the ring dead or severely crippled. And surrendering was considered a huge shame. English boxing is much less dangerous for the athletes themselves.


The following table will briefly describe the difference between Muay Thai and regular boxing.

Muay Thai Regular Boxing
Yes beat with knees, elbows, fists, shins, feet, kicks dominate as more effectivepunches are applied only with fists
39) Strikes below the belt and in the back are prohibited
Clinch is the most dangerous moment of the fight when powerful melee techniques are usedClinch is a way to rest or exhaust the opponent
For the fight, a ring of 6 x 6 m is needed, the fight is accompanied by traditional Thai musicFor the fight, a square ring with a side of 3 to 7 m is used

When you get acquainted with the peculiarities of these two types of martial arts, it becomes clear why Thai boxing is considered bloodier, but at the same time more spectacular. If your goal is to learn how to protect yourself, then Muay Thai will be one of the best options. With good preparation, it will allow you to overcome the enemy quickly and efficiently, even if your own weight and muscle mass are small. Do not forget that it was created in Thailand, where the entire population is distinguished by a rather fragile complexion in comparison with representatives of other countries. Muay Thai is also often included in self-defense programs for women.

If you want to master a brutal martial arts and compete without putting your health at very high risk, then English boxing is obviously the right choice.