The difference between technique and technology.

In various fields of activity, we often come across concepts such as methodology and technology. These categories indicate ways to achieve the goals set for the educational, industrial, political process. Many experts consider methodology to be synonymous with technology, and vice versa. How to distinguish concepts from each other and is there really a significant difference between them?


Methodology - a set of specific techniques used to implement the assigned tasks in the field of education, science, psychology. The methodology must be clear, realistic, reproducible, effective and valid. Detailed and developed, tested in practice, it acquires the level of technology.

Technology is a toolkit for a specific area of ​​human activity, a set of processes, methods and principles required to create a final product, be it a product, program or other social good. The scope of the concept includes organizational techniques and operations that are used by the performer in the labor process.


The main difference between these categories is the degree of their elaboration. So, the technique can be called a direction of movement, a roadmap along which the performer will move. And technology - a detailed route that allows you to predict speed, distance and other important nuances. Thus, the methodology is the core of the technology: the applied tools can change, speeding up production processes, but the essence remains the same.

Thus, the fundamental difference lies in the planned outcome of the operations performed by the performer. The outcome of the implementation of the technique is difficult to predict, it depends on many factors. The competent use of technology always leads to the desired goal, if all steps are performed correctly.


  1. The degree of detail. Methodology - general direction of activity, technology - applied.
  2. Contents. Technology is a sequence of rules, and methodology is their inner content, ideology.
  3. Result. The outcome of successful use of the technology can be predicted, but planning the implementation of the technique is always more difficult.