The difference between staff and staff.

The success of any commercial enterprise is determined by well-chosen performers. Cadres and personnel are constantly identified in the literature, thereby depersonalizing specialists and turning them not into individuals, but into cogs of the system. Is it important to distinguish between these categories and how significant is the difference?


Personnel - a socio-economic community, which includes all owners of the labor force employed at the enterprise, who are in formal communication with it and have the necessary qualifications. These are impersonal subjects of legal relations who occupy certain vacancies at the moment.

Personnel - a set of labor resources that are part of the enterprise and employed in the processes of its work. These include not only those people who actually hold positions, but also people who are on labor or maternity leave, on sick leave, in refresher courses.


So, the main differences between the categories are related to the method of their interpretation. According to labor sociology, the concept of "personnel" is broader and can be identified with "labor force". However, the staff is actually employed at certain enterprises and is part of the permanent staff. Personnel is a narrower category. It denotes only those specialists who have undergone appropriate training, have received qualifications and are in their positions at the moment.

The personnel include those people who are temporarily suspended from work due to illness, vacation and other reasons. Classical management avoids the emphasis on "personnel", which supposedly decides everything. The focus is on the personnel: personal qualities, psychological compatibility, development and growth of the employee. Otherwise, the differences are insignificant and are determined in practice.


  1. The scope of the concept. Personnel is a broader category than personnel.
  2. Qualification. To meet their position, cadres must have a certain level of education. The staff can do without it.
  3. Anchoring. If all employees of the enterprise belong to personnel, then only those who are formally assigned to them are referred to personnel.