The difference between regular sambo and combat.

Sambo (translated as "self-defense without weapons") was developed back in the 30s in the USSR. This type of wrestling includes many variations of national martial arts. Sambo is divided into two types: sports and combat, between which there are many differences. You need to know the difference between these two types, for example, in order to decide which section to give your young fighter to young parents.


Sambo - This is a combat sport that is popular in many countries of the world, including, of course, in Russia. Today in sambo there are several thousand different techniques that are used, first of all, not for attack, but for defense. Our athletes have won many prestigious tournaments throughout the history of this relatively young sport. Sports sambo is divided into weight categories. Points are awarded for techniques of varying degrees of difficulty. You can win early in sports sambo. To do this, you can carry out a painful hold, throw the opponent on his back (while remaining in a stance), or score twelve points more.

Combat sambo involves striking with hands and feet, but at the same time it remains possible to do various techniques: throws, hold, painful and so on. Many believe that combat sambo somewhat violates the philosophy of ordinary sambo, because here a great emphasis is placed on the opponent's attack. But the leading experts in combat sambo fundamentally disagree with this position, considering this a type of wrestling, first of all, self-defense. Combat sambo back in the 30s of the 20th century became widespread for training people serving in law enforcement agencies. Combat Sambo combines many strikes and techniques, which makes it similar to many martial arts with the only difference that Sambo is our national martial art.


There are a number of differences that can be used to distinguish sports sambo from combat sambo:

  • In combat sambo, punches and kicks are allowed, while they are prohibited in sports sambo. Accordingly, combat sambo is a more varied and complex type of wrestling, where it is necessary to demonstrate as much as possible your fighting skills.
  • Combat sambo is a more dynamic type of wrestling. As a rule, a fight does not last very long, but in sports sambo, opponents can wait a long time, pause in order to effectively prepare for a throw.
  • Knockdown and even knockout are possible in combat sambo. Therefore, there are more opportunities for early victory here than in sports sambo. And many people compare combat sambo not with ordinary wrestling, but rather with boxing or kickboxing, where crushing blows are inflicted on the opponent's body.
  • Different rules. For example, in combat sambo, some rules for strangulation are added, plus there are more opportunities for getting points.
  • Even the smallest children can be sent to sports sambo, this is an excellent way to develop strength and endurance. It should be borne in mind that this type of wrestling does not carry a great danger of getting severely injured during training or competition. Combat sambo is most often the choice of accomplished athletes who want to improve their fighting skills.


  1. Directly in the very technique of fighting. In combat sambo, punches and kicks are allowed, in ordinary sambo - not.
  2. In the dynamics of the fight. Combat Sambo is a more dynamic type of wrestling.
  3. In combat sambo, one person can easily knock out another, inflict injuries on him.
  4. Sport sambo and combat sambo have different rules.