The difference between purpose and reason.

"Purpose" and "reason" are two essentially different categories. Each case has its own meaning and content. Let's take a closer look at these concepts, and also find out how the goal differs from the cause.


Purpose is a person's intended result of an activity. The goal can be general (to expand knowledge of history) and specific (to devote time daily to study one paragraph of the book). The goal exists until the moment it is achieved, after that it turns into reality.A reason is a fact that causes the occurrence of a situation, a phenomenon (the school was closed due to the announced quarantine). This word also denotes a circumstance explaining certain actions (the room was so stuffy that they had to open a window).


An important difference between the goal and the cause is that the first concept is directly related to human activity, while the second can not always be said so. Goal setting occurs exclusively in consciousness, it is a necessary stimulus and fills life with meaning.

Different means are used to achieve what was planned, the main thing is that they are humane, like the goal itself. In this case, actions are lined up in a certain sequence. And if the aspirations were not in vain, the person receives a positive emotional charge, feels successful.

However, goals are set on the basis of appropriate motives. The latter in this sense are equated with the reasons. For example, the goal of entering a decent university can be formed under the influence of the motive to obtain a high status in society and subsequently be a well-to-do person.

If we talk about the reasons not related to the activities of people, then we can give the following examples: under the influence of subzero temperatures, the water freezes, from time to time the house tilts, viruses are sources of dangerous diseases. In all these cases, the cause is named first, and then the effect.

It is possible to see the difference between purpose and cause by analyzing the linguistic means used in each case. So, in questions about the goal, the words "why?", "In the name of what?", "What result is needed?" Example: Why are these trees planted? - To make the air cleaner.

The reason is asked using the words "why?", "Because of what?", "In connection with what?" under the influence". Example: Why did you decide to stay at home? - Because it was inclement weather.