The difference between psyche and consciousness.

In some sciences, the concepts of "psyche" and "consciousness" are fundamental. Each of them has its own meaning. Let's try to reveal the named terms and find out how the psyche differs from consciousness.


Psyche is the property of some living beings, in particular humans and animals, to reflect in a special way reality.

Consciousness is a complex manifestation of brain activity observed at the highest level of mental development.


The basis for the existence of both qualities is nervous activity. And the difference between the psyche and consciousness lies in the fact that it is the first of the two concepts that is basic.

The psyche is in people and creatures that are one step lower in their development - animals. It is a function of the brain and acts as a kind of tool that helps to adapt to the environment and survive. The processes taking place in the psyche can be elementary and very complex.

The aggregate of the highest manifestations of such activity forms consciousness. At this level, only the human brain functions, but not animals. The latter are able to operate exclusively with visual thinking, acting on the basis of objective perception. This is true even for such "smart" creatures as monkeys, dolphins or dogs.

At the same time, the possibilities of consciousness inherent in man are not limited to the formation of images. Here speech plays a great role. It allows you to perform important abstract-logical operations and acquire new knowledge that can be passed down even through generations. People tend to plan and set goals. In addition, they tend to evaluate their own behavior and self-control.

Even the mental processes themselves, people, possessing consciousness, are able to control to some extent. This happens when we, for example, force ourselves to memorize a poem or specifically focus on something. Animals with their simplest psyche cannot do this. Human consciousness has developed historically and exists in conjunction with his social and labor activities.

What is the difference between psyche and consciousness? The fact that the latter, despite its complexity and versatility, is only part of the system. In all mental activity, there is a lot of unconscious and not yet fully studied.