The difference between "Nutrilon" and "Baby".

Choosing an infant formula is sometimes difficult these days. After all, there are plenty of options for such products. Let's consider two of them, or rather, find out how the Nutrilon differs from the Baby.

General information

The manufacturer of these mixtures is common - the company "Nutricia". Making baby food is one of her main specialties. The result of the research and development has been products that are useful and as similar in composition to breast milk as possible.

Both Nutrilon and Malyutka contain components that have a beneficial effect on digestion and metabolism, as well as strengthen the immune system. Important vitamins are included in the mixture. But the presence of harmful additives (preservatives, dyes, etc.) is unacceptable there.


Both formulas are suitable for the introduction of complementary foods or use as the basis of an infant diet. These products contain many of the same ingredients. However, there is still some difference between Nutrilon and Malyutka in terms of their composition, which affects certain characteristics of the mixtures.

For example, "Malyutka" has a more pronounced sweet taste. In appearance, such a powder is lighter. And "Nutrilon" smells of fish oil. The food is diluted in both cases well. True, to dissolve "Baby" it is better to take a more heated liquid. Traces of gluten may also be present in said mixture. In general, this should not be alarming, because the named protein itself is harmless. This feature should not be ignored only if the child has an intolerance to this substance, which is extremely rare.

Usually the question, what is the difference between "Nutrilon" and "Baby", arises due to the fact that the first mixture is incomparably more expensive. What explains this fact, given the great similarity of the composition? The country of origin is likely to play a role here. Nutrilon is a foreign branded product. It is produced in the Netherlands, where Nutricia is based, as well as in Germany and Holland. "Baby" is manufactured in Russia, which means that there are no long-distance transportation costs and some taxes.

Packaging also matters. "Nutrilon" is most often packed in convenient tin containers:


"Baby" is distributed in cardboard boxes:


In any case, you should focus on the feelings of your child. Sometimes the baby perceives a more affordable mixture in a financial sense better than expensive analogs. And sometimes you have to try several expensive products before you find one that does not cause a bad reaction. In this matter, everything is individual.